The Clone Wars

Last weekend Josiah and I scored a couple of free passes to a sneak preview of the new Star Wars animated film The Clone Wars. Here’s my brief review: It wasn’t as bad as I had feared.

To use a cliche phrase: It is what it is. It’s not a jaw-dropping live-action film like its predecessors, but it is an entertaining and enjoyable enhancement of the Star Wars universe.

The animated nature of the film lends itself to being a little more “kiddish.” The dialog has also gotten alot more casual. For example, you will be reminded of how much you hated Jar-Jar Binks every time Annakin’s padawan refers to him as “Sky guy” (which is constantly).

The fight sequences are exciting. It’s a great film to look at, even if the animation is more reminiscent of a PS3 game than the best that Lucasfilm is capable of.

All in all the film did its job. It expanded the Star Wars saga a bit, brought another generation into the culture and held my attention long enough to get me excited about the upcoming animated television series. Lucas could do that a hundred times over and I’d likely keep coming back for more.

5 thoughts on “The Clone Wars

  1. How does it compare to the Cartoon Network Clone Wars vol. 1 & 2 that were put out between the second and third live action movies?

    We liked the vol. 2 of that set (even more than Attack of the Clones). Very Samurai Jack.

    Ds2 is begging to go for his birthday tomorrow and everyone here is totally excited.

  2. Volume 1 is basically serial fighting (I think I slept through the whole thing but I was pregnant so I slept through 1 out of 3 movies that winter).

    Volume 2 was in movie form and covered Anakin’s change from student to Jedi during one quest.

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