Not exactly the exposure I was hoping for…

As your resident cheerleader for all things Rochester, you’d think I’d be excited by the news this week that our fair city will be regularly featured on national television starting in 2009. But since the exposure will come via the A&E show Crime 360, you’ll have to pardon me if I’m a little less than elated.

“Rochester was chosen because of the outstanding cooperation between the RPD and its law enforcement partners in investigating and solving crimes as well as prosecuting the guilty,” program producer Robert Curran said in a printed statement. “The Rochester Police Department takes every homicide personally and works relentlessly to solve the crimes using both high-tech investigative methods along with good, old-fashioned police work. Those are stories worth telling.”

Our boys in blue do a fantastic job holding things down in this city. The violence in some of our toughest neighborhoods is among the worst in the nation. And our per-capita murder rate far exceeds the rest of New York State. So my hat goes off to them for the work they do (and I thank each and every one of them that I come in contact with).

But I do wish Police Chief David Moore had said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” when the show’s producers came knocking. Despite the challenges we face, Rochester has plenty to boast about, and tons of reasons for its citizens to be proud of where they live. This isn’t the kind of national exposure we need, and it’s certainly not going to help local morale.

5 thoughts on “Not exactly the exposure I was hoping for…

  1. Are they getting paid for it? If so then I applaud his creative way of bringing more money to the RPD because they sure can use it.

    I don’t think it’ll hurt Rochester morale. People who live here either love it or hate it (as you well know). A show like this won’t change that one way or the other. If anything it may encourage people who have info about a crime to speak up for their 15 seconds of fame which wouldn’t hurt since there are so many unsolved crimes.

    I don”t see it being a positive as far as national exposure though. But I don’t think people base their decisions on where to live on a show on A&E so . . .

  2. it’s crazy that rochester is a more dangerous place to live (per capita) then the south bronx or flatbush, brooklyn. or nanuet.

    things can change. providence used to be an absolutely awful place, apparently. older people who’ve lived here there whole lives tell stories about a city that was grimy, much more dangerous and of course totally run by the mob. it’s still ranked 10th on forbes magazine’s “most miserable cities to live in”…but nyc, la & chicago are on there, too, and i always thought chi-town seemed decent. and nyc is nothing compared to what it used to be. but anyways, i think prov is alright. even though forbes says it sucks everyone around here says it’s much better. the rock just needs a motivated leader to spur on a renassaince…and his name is butrose 🙂

  3. Ehh one way you can look at as you dont want people to see what your city is like, or you could look at it like the police will be on their best behavior due to being filmed. Plus it will bring in money that maybe they will use to upgrade all things police related and give you better service overall. Or maybe one of your cops will beat up someone on film and the rest of the country will laugh at you.

  4. my brother-in-law’s brother is a cop in Rochester. i’ve heard some great stories about your awesome city shane.
    i told him to keep an eye on you specifically and make sure your pinko-commie ways weren’t getting out of control.

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