UPDATE: Fantasy Football anyone?

I have a few spots left to fill in my fantasy football league. If you’d like to join send me an email at sbertou@yahoo.com and I’ll give you the login. The live online draft is next Thursday at 8:00PM EST. There is a $10 entry fee (check or PayPal), winner takes all.

UPDATE: There is currently one spot still available. If you want in, let me know! The league is now full.


13 thoughts on “UPDATE: Fantasy Football anyone?

  1. Everyone pays $10 to be in the league. The winner gets the cash – $100 if all spots are filled – in the form of a gift card. The league is going on its fifth (sixth?) season.

  2. Shane, I wanted to play, but thought I missed the draft. I’ll try and drop you the cash tonight via paypal. I dunno if I’ll make the draft though, we’ve got a small group that night.

  3. Man, church is always getting in the way of people actually enjoying their lives! 😆

    Stem & Matt, I resent the invites. With only a couple spots left you’d better hurry and register your team. You can worry about PayPal later.

  4. yay, the bears!

    i would say that right now i know less about the nfl then i have since i was in single digits…so i’d probably do real bad. how about fantasy hockey? yeah, it’ll be me, you, and 2 or 3 canucks who stumble upon it in a molson light fueled stupor.

  5. For anyone in your league interested…

    I just set up a survival pickem league.

    Pick one team you think will win each week. Choose carefully because once you select a team you can no longer choose them again for the rest of the season. Your goal is to predict the winner of one professional football game each week. Win, and you keep picking. Lose, and you’re eliminated.


    Group ID# 14582
    Password pickthis

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