In case you missed it…

On Saturday night, Rick Warren and Saddleback Church played host to presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. The event was billed as a “civil forum” where the candidates were asked identical questions during seperate one hour Q&A sessions with Warren.

In case you missed it, has the broadcast available in its entirety.

Obama: Part 1, Part 2
McCain: Part 1, Part 2

14 thoughts on “In case you missed it…

  1. I only saw the last half hour of McCain’s portion. I thought he performed very well in that format. He was very clear and direct.

    I’ll have to work my way through the rest later.

    But I must say that I really liked the format. Not catty like the debates tend to be.

  2. i caught a few seconds, happened to be when obama was dodging the when does a human begin to have human rights question. he basically said he wasn’t qualified to answer that, which beyond angering me that he wouldn’t say what he believes, it made me giggle cause isn’t that the point his opponents have been making? he isn’t qualified? i know some people think this isn’t a big issue anymore. but in my mind the sanctity of human life is huge because it is the basis for many other decisions. anyway, yada yada, just thought that was kind of funny.

  3. they look like a weird version of the 3 tenors.

    i can see them backstage…
    obama: “john, where’s your tie?”
    mccain: “didn’t rick tell you? we’re going semi-casual”
    obama: “oh damn, i didn’t bring the right shirt for that!”
    mccain: “don’t worry about it friend. rick’s so ugly no one will notice”
    warren: “ok fella’s, we’re on. let’s make magic!”

    that really happened.

  4. i was just at a dr’s appt with one of my clients and i saw the time cover with warren’s face and got the spooks! the title they honored him with of “america’s most powerful religious leader” made me uncomfortable…considering those who’ve been called that before (dobson, falwell, robertson, olsteen). warren seems like a decent guy…i just always am leary of “mega-pastors” and clergy who are so famous. something bad always seems to happen, you know? plus he loves jimmy buffet style hawaiian shirts, apparently 🙂

  5. I went through a phase where I was leery of Warren. The Purpose Driven Life, and it’s zillions of spin offs, turned me off.

    But I’ve come to respect him quite a bit. After his book sold about a bajillion copies, he refunded his salary from the time he started there back to his church. I thought that was pretty rad. That, and he’s been doing a ton of work with AIDS relief in Africa.

  6. just because this is the newest thread concerning the election i’ll post this here.
    if Biden is confirmed as Obama’s running mate I will have a hard time not simply voting for McCain to prevent an Obama/Biden White House. Ugh.

  7. well, i’m not necessarily going to vote McCain just to prevent Obama…i would kind of like to see him win just so the hype can either be brought to a glorious fruition in some sort of bi-partisan, war-ending, abortion spewing, heavily taxed orgy or totally flop and we can all move on with our normal middle income lives.
    but Biden just really bothers me for some reason. just doesn’t seem like the right fit for the calmer, less negative Obama. but maybe that’s the point.

  8. Alot of the analysis I’ve read thinks that’s exactly the point. Biden’s foreign policy experience would help a perceived weakness for Obama. But more people seem to be interested in the potential pick because Biden’s a pit bull.

    I hate to say it, but at some point Obama’s probably going to have to “go negative.” And I think we’re starting to see shades of that already with some of the advertising coming out of his camp. Don’t get me wrong – I’d love it if he didn’t, and I wish he wouldn’t. But I’m not entirely sure it’s possible to win an election without getting down in the muck, if even just a little.

    I don’t have a favorite for the VP slot really. Part of me would love to see Sebeilus, just to piss off the Clintonistas. The Richardson talk seems to have gone by the wayside at this point.

  9. if mccain chooses romney, i will exactly like jimmy. there isn’t a single politician alive who i have more disdain for than mitt. but, they’re best buds, so it’s highly likely.

  10. Seriously, is there anyone who thinks Lieberman would be a good idea? I hear so much talk about it but it just doesn’t make sense to me at all. For every “moderate” it might intrigue, there’s 40 million conservatives it would incinerate. And it just might help mobilize the Democrats who have written Ol’ Joe off as Judas Iscariot already anyway.

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