The Bertou family buys a house: Part 8

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17 thoughts on “The Bertou family buys a house: Part 8

  1. Just found out this week!

    We have our final walk through on Wednesday. We close next Friday at 2PM. We move in on Saturday.

    Just in time too, since our lease is up at the end of the month and we had NO idea what we were going to do for a place to live when our landlord’s new tenants moved in on September 1st.

    Now we’ve got a week to pack. Yikes!

  2. The timing is definitely an answer to prayer. We decided to do the right thing and tell our landlord well in advance that we’d be moving. We never expected that he’d find another tenant before we got a closing date.

    Had it not worked out that we could close and move in by September 1st we would have had to put all our stuff in storage and stay with various people until we could get in. (Then of course there was the looming possibility that it could all fall apart.)

    With an infant that would have been… awesome.

  3. oh how i wish we could come up and help. we moved twice just weeks after i had owen, and wow, it makes for lots of crazy! but i am so glad you are moving into a house you will own and not out onto the streets! congrats!

  4. Thanks Dee. If you ever need a salesman to make you forget about TX and G’ville, holla.

    Did I mention to Nathan all the grad level teaching positions that could be available in a city of 200K with more colleges than it should statistically be able to support?

    Did I mention to you how ridiculously easy founding a home school coop would be in a state that doesn’t even require state reporting until grade 1???? Especially at the pre-K level? My kid can read and most kids in this city at his age don’t even know their COLORS!!!

  5. Oh, and let me just put out there that this ENTIRE thing wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for GOV’T programs out the wazoo.

    Thank you liberal “tax-and-spend” policies.

    Now it’s your turn invisible hand. Hopefully my embracement of “spend local” mentality will show something on your bottom line that will make it economically feasible to improve our immediate neighborhood.

    I embrace it all. 😆

  6. Congratulations Chez Bertou! I’m glad the hoop-jumping is over and the nest-building can begin.

    New York homeschool laws–:P

  7. CONGRATS guys! So excited for you! You definitely deserve it and what awesome timing. God is good!! Best of luck!! 🙂

  8. Congrats! My wife and I just weathered our first hurricane/tropical storm thing in our house (fence down and roof leaks). Welcome to the world of repairs! It is a good thing knowing that what you are fixing is actually “yours” though.

  9. yeah john, i was thinking the same thing.
    i remember the first time we had an “incident” at our first house. i was like, “oh crap, it’s my job to handle this, not my dad!!!”
    good luck shane!

  10. I had heard NY had stricter home school guidelines of course most states are stricter than TX. Texas doesn’t require any paper work unless you are withdrawing a child from school mid-year.

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