One of these things…

Want to play a game? C’mon, it’s easy. First, press “play”…


It’s being reported that Christopher Nolan has his hopes set on Cher to play the role of Catwoman in the next installment of his Batman film series. This marks a departure as, for the first time, Catwoman will not be played by a smokin’ hot actress in her prime – but rather by a 62 year old dude.


14 thoughts on “One of these things…

  1. you know (s)he’s the only artist to have a #1 hit in 4 different decades? maybe this will give her an opportunity for 5. though, my ears hope not 😉

  2. I did an image search on Cher. It’s not like I had to put any work into it.

    However, I did have to skip the first two I found, even though they would have worked better. The first was too revealing (and disturbing), and the second was a tranny. 😆

  3. Um..that first picture is not Eartha Kitt. It’s the great Julie Newmar of ‘To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar’ fame.

    If we’re speaking of dudes and all.

  4. Wow. Props to Tamrock for picking up on my mistake.

    I scoured the post for a few minutes after she said that only to say to myself, “where is she getting this Eartha Kit stuff from?”

    Props for pointing out the error of my tag. Who reads tags anyway?

    (That’s what I get for skimming wikipedia…) 😆

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