Alright gang. We’re closing on the house today, and moving tomorrow (anyone want to help?). So I’m not going to be online until Wednesday at the earliest.

Try not to hurt each other while I’m gone.


3 thoughts on “BRB…

  1. just so you know, jim calls me from work friday to ask what we were doing over the weekend, this that, nothing too important, why? he wanted to come up and help you guys move. so if i was a better wife, he would have been there! 😉 hope it went smoothly.

  2. Well I certainly appreciate Jim’s willingness to drive 6 plus hours to come help us move!

    We actually had plenty of help. Cheryl’s parents and brothers came up from downstate, my family helped and we also had a handful of local friends who pitched in as well.

    We’re mostly unpacked at this point. All the furniture and essentials are where they need to be. We’re just trying to find places for all that random stuff that seems to accumulate over the course of nine years.

    Open house is tentatively scheduled for September 13th. All are welcome.

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