Politics: More or less?

I’m looking for a little feedback from you guys about the amount of political discussion that goes on here.

Lately I’ve really felt like we’ve been a bit top heavy in this area. I try to keep a well-balanced mixture of topics ranging from sports, entertainment, faith, and politics, but given the fact that we’re in the home stretch of a Presidential election, I find myself going to politics as a default more often than not.

Which has its pros and cons.

As far as pros go, for one the poltical posts tend to get alot more traffic and comments. And I think that lately we’ve really had some good level-headed conversations come out of those posts. I’ve also gotten alot of comments (not on the blog, but in person, on Facebook and by email) telling me that this blog is one of the few places some people come regularly to be informed about politics, and the discussions have helped them understand the issues and learn more about the candidates.

Probably the biggest con for me is that I run the risk of turning off alot of readers who may come here for all the other stuff. The ones who tolerate the political talk because they know we’ll get back to making fun of lame pop culture stuff soon enough. I also run the risk of letting this place get pigeon holed as a political blog, when I really want it to have a much broader appeal.

So I guess I’m just at a point where I figure it’s time to take the pulse of our readers. I’ve got some ideas on how we can tweak things a bit on the political side to make it far more productive. But ultimately I’m looking for your input.

Here’s your chance. Speak up!


8 thoughts on “Politics: More or less?

  1. Good time to stop its just the republican convention.

    Next thing you will tell me is you want to turn down the amount of posts due the possiblity of a hurricane!

    Football starts tomorrow you wont have to look to far to find something else to chat about.

  2. I skip over any political posts, but that’s just me. I think a presidential election certainly warrants discussion, and I don’t wish you’d stop. I just don’t care to participate in those threads.

  3. i, of course, love politalk. you can’t have too much of it…especially during the last two months of an election. i mean, it only happens every four years and THIS election could be the harbringer of armageddon…so, you know, with eternity in view, politic is a “relevant” conversation.

    but bring on the emerging church stuff…bring on football smack talk…

    i’ll ramble about anything.

  4. Hey – welcome back! (I still need to get your new snail mail addy) Just wanted to say that I love all the topics here. You always make me think! Keep it up, mister…

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