Who needs seminary anyway?

(Actual conversation with my oldest son Josiah – age 5 – that took place at bedtime a few weeks ago.)

Josiah: Hey dad, can we read from the Bible tonight?

Dad: Sure bud, you mean from your Children’s Story Bible?

Josiah: No, from my Bible. (Pointing to the paperback copy of the NIV on his shelf.)

Dad: Totally! But just so you know, there aren’t any pictures or anything in that Bible. Are you sure you won’t think it’s too boring?

Josiah: Yeah, I know. That’s ok.

(Dad scrambles to come up with something awesome and action packed to read. David and Goliath? Daniel and the lion’s den? Finally he decides just to go with the Gospel of John and see what comes of it.)

Dad: Ok bud, you ready?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

Josiah: Hey, that’s talking about Jesus!

Dad: Uhm …. yeah … wait … what? How? Yeah bud, you’re right!


12 thoughts on “Who needs seminary anyway?

  1. That is awesome.

    If Josiah is beginning to read you might check out the new Young Adventurer Bible in NIRV (New International Readers edition) it is designed for beginning readers.

  2. Yeah. There’s alot to be said for actually “training up” your own children, rather than outsourcing that aspect of their development to Sunday School and youth group. 😆

    I kid. I can’t take any credit for it. I have no idea where he came up with it other than one part observation, one part internalization and a million parts good ol’ fashioned Holy Spirit revelation.

    I always loved the kids one with all the pictures.

    Especially the one where Jesus is surrounded by little kids on the cover and some of them have blue hair! It was so Gen X! 😆

  3. “…a million parts good ol’ fashioned Holy Spirit revelation.”

    I know what you mean. Levi and Skipper were very involved in a particular video game that both of them seemed to really be enjoying. Some of the music and graphics became a little disturbing to Levi and he asked his dad, “Is this game demonic?” Skipper brushed it off and assured Levi that it was “just a game”. Skipper, like me, grew up having his share of CD and video game bonfires renouncing all of our ungodly activities. We never wanted to impose this practice on Levi so we’ve been very liberal – to a fault. Levi spent the night at my mom’s and he told her how he was feeling convicted for playing that game. So when I went to pick him up, my mom was asking me why I’ve been allowing Levi to play games that disturb him. We had no idea that it was effecting him that much. Levi, on his own conviction went home and threw away the game and every item he had with this particular character on it. We didn’t tell him to do it, but we encouraged him to do what he felt like he needed to do. Shortly after that he discovered Lego’s. I think my mom is OK with that. For Christmas I’ll probably buy him “Satan’s Lego Land.” 😀

  4. @Selena: So you’re saying I shouldn’y be playing Mortal Kombat with Josiah? 😆

    @Stem: I mostly get a kick out of what Josiah sees on TV that he gets completely wrong. Like, for example, the time we were riding bikes on our block when he noticed our neighbor had an ADT sign in his yard.

    “Cool, he has ADT!” “What’s so cool about that?,” I asked. “That’s that thing that puts a force field around your house to protect it from fire!”

    Kids freaking rock. 😆

  5. is your illustrated bible ethnically accurate? i kid. true story though, when i was little i had one, and said “ma, how come the people in here look so different from the people on tv from the same place?” i was born this way, i can’t help it 😉

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