The Mom Purse

For those of you who don’t already know, Cheryl has had an essay published on the MOPS International website. I guess she has household bragging rights now because even though I’ve been published in print twice, and maintain a blog with a healthy readership, she’s the only one that has ever been paid for her writing.

The Mom Purse

I have officially turned into my mother and now carry a “mom purse.” I vowed it would never happen. I would never stop carrying the cute, efficient little purses of my pre-child years. But after moving past the real need for a diaper bag there are still plenty of things I can’t leave home without and inevitably have ended up with the “mom purse.”

Now, I’m not completely sure that I need the extra large bandages (but what if… ?) or even the complete variety of Band-aids, from Curious George to Batman to Star Wars but I know I can’t leave the house without baby wipes. And the plastic baggie of “emergency” cars are a waiting room necessity. Add the tissues, lotion, deodorant, sunglasses, wallet, cell phone, stain removing stick (for me and my son), the virtual drug store in a bottle (for my husband and everyone I work with), the brag book of photos and multitudes of other little things, and my purse now weighs as much as my toddler.

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4 thoughts on “The Mom Purse

  1. LOVE the article cheryl. we have a mops at our church, we call it Mom’s Time Out though, we have four different groups and it is an amazing outreach. love it.
    i also had to say that i always say the food jammed in the seats of the car is a survival plan incase we ever get trapped somewhere. i am pretty sure we could eat for at least a few days on the remnants!

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