Once you go black…

The old cliche is true. Once you go black, you never go back.

I’ve been a cream and sugar guy since I started drinking coffee fifteen years ago. But when I was diagnosed with hypertension back in April, I began looking for simple ways to cut down my calorie intake. I was shocked to learn that with the amount of coffee I drink in a typical day, I was taking in about 300 calories in cream and sugar alone!

So I made the switch to black. At a measly two calories per cup it seemed like a no-brainer.

It was difficult for the first couple of cups. But now that I’ve been on the hard stuff for a few months I can’t even think of putting cream or sugar in my coffee without triggering my gag reflex.

Has anyone else out there made the switch to black?


15 thoughts on “Once you go black…

  1. I have a hard time with any of the “from a can” types of coffee (see also: Coke, Budweiser). I like a full flavored dark roast.

    I like my coffee like I like my women. Black and bitter. 😆

  2. I switched to black years ago. Every once in a while I will put french vanilla creamer in it, but the cream is still way too thick for my liking. Just a FYI if you are going black…NEVER drink Tim Hortons coffee!! Actually tastes like your drinking from a full ash tray. It’s too dark and bitter!

  3. yeah, if i’m drinking coffee black it’s because it was expensive and beans.
    otherwise, if it’s the cheap stuff, i have to add some kind of something to it to avoid that ash tray taste mentioned above.

  4. Coffee is like any other food… good ingredients need minimal processing… a roast long enough to get beyond excessive brightness, but not so long that varietal nuance is lost. Try different single origin coffees from independent artisan roasters (like us!) to find what you really like. Experiment with dry-process (aka “naturals”) coffees. And buy yourself a good grinder and a french press – can’t beat it!

  5. People put all that sissy stuff in there because they really don’t like coffee (note: I’m not a coffee drinker but if I do it’s black and it’s always been black..if it’s brown you really should consider tea).

    What we all really need are caffeine patches.

  6. fancy new look. i use splenda (which some say is the nectar of satan, but i stand by it…til they say it’s really bad for you like everything else!) and fat free creamer…well, the ff cream is only when i make it. otherwise i’m @ dunkin and getting a huge coffee of fat and calories. explains a lot, i think 😉

  7. i dig the nectar of satan also, or the blue stuff. and if it’s with dessert black is good, but if it IS dessert i must have cream.

  8. I’ve also come to this… A guy from our church owns a local coffee shop, and we’re there 3-5 times a week. I’ve gotten to the point that if it’s not black or espresso, it just tastes weak to me.

    Like Shane, my tastes have generally become for the bold, robust flavors – espresso drinks, darkroast coffee, dark stouts and porters, dry oaky red wines, nice maduro wrapped cigars… etc.

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