Sarah needs Uganda

Meet Sarah. She loves Jesus, loves her husband and loves her two kids. She also loves her Buckeyes. She doesn’t know it yet, but she also loves Africa every bit as much.

In a few short weeks she’ll be making a trip to work with missionaries and pastors in a civil-war ravaged country in East Africa. She’ll be traveling as part of a team from her church that will take part in a ministry called College of Prayer. It will be the first time she’s ever been out of the country.

Sarah thinks God has called her there to minister to the people, missionaries and pastors of Uganda. But I think it’s much more likely that God has called Uganda to minister to her.

He wants to have an opportunity to calm her anxiety and speak to her heart through the chaos and confusion of a third-world airport. He wants empower her with His boldness the first time she encounters an armed guard; strapped with an AK-47 and demanding bribes.

She needs to smell the rotting flesh of beef and fish while she stands in mud up to her shins at the market. She needs to sift worms from the flour before she can use it for making dinner. She needs to be charged more for produce, simply because she’s white. God will teach her alot about how economic injustice, racism, and disease runs rampant in throughout Africa. (He’ll also teach her a little bit about patience at the check out.)

When she first encounters crippled children on the street, who have been abandoned by their families because they believe them to be cursed, she’s going to look into their jaundiced eyes and ask herself, “Why aren’t we doing more to help them?” She already does this now, but soon it will nag her constantly. She needs that.

She’ll never see the stars brighter than she will in Africa. She will never see brighter smiles either, because there are no brighter smiles than those that have overcome the vast darkness of hopelessness and despair. She needs to see a little of that too.

Right now Sarah needs your help. With just a few short weeks left before she leaves for Uganda, she still has alot of money to raise. Would you please consider joining us in doing what little you can to help Sarah get to Uganda? She needs Uganda like I needed Guinea back in 1998. I’m praying you’ll come through for her now like you all did for me then.

You can contribute two ways. You can send her money through PayPal at or write a check payable to Risen King Alliance Church (“Uganda – Sarah Binkele” in the memo) and send to:

Sarah Binkele
8 South Blvd. Apt B
Nyack, NY 10960

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