The new addition

I heart Craigslist.

Yesterday I got ahold of four free tickets to this weekend’s Syracuse football game against Penn State. I couldn’t use the tickets, so I flipped them on Craigslist. Scored $100.

Tonight I saw this pool table listed in the suburbs. I talked them down to $100, but when they offered to deliver it to my house I bumped it up to $125. The mom had bought it for the kids as a Christmas present two years ago, but they had lost interest as of late. Their loss, my gain.

Now I’m one step closer to the coveted barage. Since I’ve already got a dart board, all we need now is a fridge full of IPAs, a foosball table and dome hockey!

6 thoughts on “The new addition

  1. Well first, I need to get the contractor to get his crap out of my garage. Then I need a plumber to get the actual crap out of my driveway (yup! maybe?). Hopefully both happen before our open house next Sunday.

    But once it’s all set up it’s an open door policy. Literally. It’s in the garage.

  2. Dome hockey will be the Piece de Resistance, I would never dream of skimping on it! But the cost will likely keep me from getting one for a long time.

    I’d also insist on one that played “Oh Canada” as it’s a far superior anthem. 😆

  3. dome hockey. *gasps* so sweet.

    dude i just realized i forgot to do my picks for this week! usually it’s thanksgiving that i forget. nope, week 2 this year. rough.

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