Glimpses of Hope

My dear friends Stephen and Lori Albright run Hope Medical Center in Guinea, West Africa. Their work provides much needed medical care to people in one of Africa’s poorest nations. You’ll be hearing much more from me in the future about their work there, and Guinea in general. But for now I just wanted to share this story that they sent my way earlier this week.

Sekou, a young man of 30 was obviously disturbed.   It was easy to understand why as his story unfolded.

A few years ago, during one of the cross border raids, Sekou and two of his friends were captured by rebels.  During his time with the rebels, Sekou witnessed many brutalities, the worst of which was watching his friend beheaded, and then being forced to carry his head around for three days.

Sekou watched carefully and escaped at the first opportunity.  However, upon returning home, he found that his life had changed dramatically due to the trauma he experienced during his time as a hostage.

Sekou is very anxious and struggles with fears and phobias. Counseling/therapy is non-existent in these parts, so Sekou came to Hope Medical Center in search of help.   As Sekou shared his story with Jairus Bohimbo (missionary from Gabon), Jairus was able to introduce him to The Wonderful Counselor.   Both Sekou and his brother accepted Christ this past week.

Please pray for complete emotional healing for Sekou.

Thank you for partnering with us at Hope Medical Center!


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