Google Maps creeps me out

The above image is the “street view” of our old address on Google maps. The white minivan in our driveway belongs to our friends Jerry and Steph. The blue Subaru belongs to our friends John and Jaime. The red Civic is ours.

Now because I know this photo was taken at a time when we were entertaining our friends at our house, I can tell you exactly what day, and approximately what time, it was taken .

Because our car doesn’t have a front license plate, I know it was taken sometime before we changed our registration from Florida to New York in October of 2007. Because the Slip and Slide is set up in our yard, I know it must have been a day that was warm enough for the kids to play in water.

The only time we entertained both John and Jaime and Jerry and Steph prior to last October, when the weather would have been warm enough for the kids to play with the Slip and Slide, was Labor Day. And because we don’t yet have the table set up on the porch (where we ate dinner that day) in the photo, I can also deduce that it must have been taken sometime between the hours of 12PM (after everyone started arriving) and 3PM (when we ate dinner).

Now I’m officially creeped out.


7 thoughts on “Google Maps creeps me out

  1. This is one of the reasons I don’t think all the Tim LeHaye nonsense is as imminent as some end-timers would have us believe.

    There are gas stations not 50 miles from this city that still use the old carbon imprint method of processing credit card transactions and I’m supposed to believe we’ll all soon be paying via microchip? When nearly half of all internet users are still on dial up?

  2. well, there’s that and the whole it not being believed by any theologians for the first 18 centuries of the faith, until a scottish girl had a nightmare and her pastor called it prophecy. lousy scots (except the ones i’m related to) 🙂

  3. Think of it this way Shane, tv didn’t go digital until Congress said go digital. If we ever go microchip it would be a unified effort from the national level. It wouldn’t be that hard to implement, although it would take 3-4 months and the Federal carrot and stick.

    I often think that this paranoia of what could happen, colors the politics of many Christians. I can’t say that is a good thing, but like Israel’s paranoia, I can’t say it’s ridiculous either.

    There’s a moment when we have to move past our fear and have faith that no matter what God is with us. Fear should temper, never rule.

  4. If we ever go microchip it would be a unified effort from the national level. It wouldn’t be that hard to implement, although it would take 3-4 months and the Federal carrot and stick.

    Right. But it’s also supposed to be rolled out over the entire earth – including those countries that don’t have things like running water, computers, money or written dialect – after some point when every country has decided to check their sovereignty at the door and come under the umbrella of some sort of one world government.

    The key word I was pointing to is imminence. As in, it’s not. Not even close.

    Which really makes LeHaye’s “prophetic writings” little more than bad religious sci-fi to me. Like he’s the next L Ron Hubbard or something.

    Don’t get me wrong. I believe Christ’s return is imminent. But in my opinion all the jibberish that’s been attached to it over the past 50 years or so is little more than an elaborate distraction that has squelched the church’s productivity. IMHO.

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