NFL Recap: Week 2

I meant to get to this earlier in the week, but better late than never!

So if I had to pick a headline for Week 2 it would be :THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT! For one, it’s a great tune. And secondly, apparently Aaron Rogers doesn’t suck. Either does Eddie Royal for that matter.

Turns out the Jets aren’t poised to become the team to beat in the AFC East. Anyone still catching their breath after that Monday night game? Will Ed Hochuli ever work a game in San Diego again? The Dolphins are still winless, and will be until they remember how to get Ronnie Brown the ball. And one talk show caller on WGR predicted that the Bills won’t lose a game until week 15. I’m not kidding.


8 thoughts on “NFL Recap: Week 2

  1. Hah that statement about Buffalo was so interesting I had to look at thier schedule and you know what its not a completely crazy statement assuming a few things. If you assume that
    1. Trent Edwards can continue to manage games well and not make turnovers. 2. Buffalos defense plays as well as it has.
    3. That the Patriots are going to struggle. Then thier schedule is super easy minus games against san diego arizona? and denver.

    I think it is definately possible, probable not likely but possible I thik the Pats will still be good and SanDiego is going to be very tough although they get them at home. Its also a little early in the year for arizonas typical collapse so the Bills will get them before that happens.

    Who knows stranger things have happened I predict a Bills loss in the afc championship and the dawn of the new jim kelly era!

    Won Sun. 9/14 @ Jacksonville Jaguars
    Win Sun. 9/21 OAKLAND RAIDERS
    Win Sun. 9/28 @ St. Louis Rams
    ??? Sun. 10/5 @ Arizona Cardinal
    BYE 10/12 BYE BYE
    Loss Sun. 10/19 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS
    Win Sun. 10/26 @ Miami Dolphins
    Win Sun. 11/2 NEW YORK JETS
    ??? Sun. 11/9 @ New England Patriots
    Win Mon. 11/17 CLEVELAND BROWNS
    Win Sun. 11/23 @ Kansas City Chief
    Win Sun. 11/30 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS
    Win Sun. 12/7 MIAMI DOLPHINS (Toronto)
    Win Sun. 12/14 @ New York Jets
    ??? Sun. 12/21 @ Denver Broncos
    ??? Sun. 12/28 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS

  2. No. It’s crazy. Bills fans haven’t seen 2-0 in so long some of them are experiencing a complete disconnect from reality. Teams don’t go 14-0, and I’ve lived in Western NY long enough to know that the Bills especially don’t go 14-0.

    They won’t even be undefeated at their bye week.

  3. Rogers may well be the pick up of the season in our fantasy league. I was surprised he was still floating out there when I looked for an alternative to Hassleback (who is stinking it up this year…). Now if I could just get LT to actually earn his #1 pick title…

  4. lol while i agree that it isnt likely there schedule is amzingly easy now that Brady is gone. If the Raiders and KC didnt play each other they would have both run the table in reverse. The rams are terribad too. Im picking 12 – 4 with losses to denver, sandiego, new england, arizona

  5. I’m telling you, this team isn’t going to win 10 games.

    Looking at that match up on Sunday night between Green Bay and Dallas … can we all agree that moving the marquee matchup to Sunday night was an absolutely brilliant move on the part of the NFL three years ago?

  6. I’m telling you, this team isn’t going to win 10 games.

    I’d just like to point out that my week 2 prediction about the Bills season will be dead on unless they run the table these last four weeks.

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