4 thoughts on “The absolute best way to kill a Friday afternoon!

  1. i miss the arcade. my aunt had one in her restaurant when i was a kid…so sweet. i think that an arcade game should go on your man-space list. maybe even more so than dome hockey!

  2. You know. I’ve considered it. I’m not sure what game I’d want. So many possibilities! If I had to pick a frontrunner, it would be R Type. The arcade version of that game was SICK!

    Maybe Donkey Kong. Or Ms. Pac Man. But I’m sure they all for for a premium.

    A couple years ago in Sam’s Club I saw a unit that had like 10 arcade classics in a stand-up console. That seemed pretty sweet, maybe I’ll look into one of those. I think it was like $500.

  3. i have a pic of me & brigid when they put the ms. pac man in the student lounge, and my face is like a 5 year old at xmas. thta’d be my top choice 🙂

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