From the Roc: Kristen Wiig

New installment.

First item up for bid is Kristen Wiig. She’s by far my favorite SNL cast member, not only for her HI-larious “Target Lady” sketches, or her ability to play everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Bjork – but also because she hails from The Roc.

She graduated from Brighton High School, our immediate suburban neighbor to the east, in 1991. Now her stock is quickly rising as the most talented member of an unrecognizable SNL cast.


4 thoughts on “From the Roc: Kristen Wiig

  1. i agree, she’s the best on the show. i have a soft spot for andy samberg, too, though some people find him annoying. i thought hot rod was hilarious!

  2. funny that you would bring her up, stacey s and i were watching skits of hers online just last night saying how awesome she is. she’s a little like gilda, no?

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