NFL Recap: Week 3

Let’s face it, the only thing I care about is that Ronnie Brown singlehandedly dismantled the Patriots. Of course, it was bittersweet for me as I neglected to start him on my fantasy team this week so his five TDs did nothing for me. But now that they’ve matched their win total from last season after just three weeks, the rest is gravy! 😆

How about your team? Now that we’re three weeks into the season, how are they looking?


12 thoughts on “NFL Recap: Week 3

  1. Bills one step closer to the perfect season!

    Im surpsrised that much of the media sees this loss as some big upset event. It was pretty inevitable that the Pats were going to lose, while a little surprising that Ronnie Brown blew up the way he did its not unheard of he was the best back in football before he got hurt something like 900 yards in 6 games. I’m bummed that pats lost but it was gonna happen sooner or later.

    And just for shane I predict the Bills will have a better record than the Pats this year!

  2. my favorite part of this weekend is that:
    1) I played NE’s defense in my fantasy game b/c Miami has been putting up zero offense. NE Def worth -4 pts.
    2) I sat Philly’s defense after last Monday’s defensive letdown against Dallas. Philly Def worth 24 pts.

    I couldn’t have been more wrong.
    I have now dropped NE’s defense and picked up Fassano just to make Shane proud.

  3. well, jim, if it makes you feel any better, i’m sucking up the joint as per usual.

    my wife and i had a bit of a tiff right before the draft and i couldn’t get on.

    by the time i did, it was too late.

    i’m pretty sure this is my fate in fantasy football.

  4. Jim, I feel your pain about sitting Philly D but I did play Titan and they did well just not as good..
    Can somebody explain why carson palmer can throw the ball to ocho cinco formerly known as Chad goldteeth Johnson

  5. I didn’t purchase StatTracker this season to combat fantasy football addiction. Some weeks I’d just sit in front of the computer watching stat updates rather than the actual games.

  6. well dude i didn’t forget this week, i just didn’t do them b/c i forget the 2nd week! that ended me. i couldn’t stay in the game w/ a whole week of losses 😦

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