Slacker Uprising

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25 thoughts on “Slacker Uprising

  1. I didn’t realize this was the whole dang movie! I kept thinking, “What is up with this long butt trailer?!?!?”

    I have never been that impressed with the guy and I agree with Tamra. Slanted veritas IMO!

  2. my best friend co-wrote michael moore is a big, fat, stupid white man! yay! i’m famous by proxy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    seriously though, i thought sicko was good. columbine & 9/11 not so much. roger & me was good, too. but moore is a hypocrite and a meglomaniac and does more to discredit those on my socio-political side of the coin then to help. he’s like the fox news of the left, a lot of hot air and b.s.

  3. The only Michael Moore film I’ve actually seen is Roger & Me, which I thought was respectable. But somewhere along the way just the mention of his name started to make me feel kind of icky.

    I’m with Tim, even in cases where I agree with him, I just can’t get with his act.

  4. Until a year ago I hadn’t seen even one Moore film. I’ve since seen them all, and while I can’t say I love his style, I do appreciate his passion for what he believes in.

    I mentioned it yesterday, but I think Morgan Spurlock is gunning for his job.

    All that said, I thought Slacker Uprising was a decent watch. It sort of made me miss college, and wish I had cared more in college. It also made me wonder if those same kids are as passionate this year, or if they feel burned by what they thought was a sure win.

  5. Michael Moore is a tragic example of passion and zeal without integrity. He considers his mission so urgent and himself so noble that he sacrifices truth and character in the process. It’s OK for him to lie a little because his cause is so just, his enemies SO dangerous… And that’s why he’s a joke to so many on both sides.

  6. I agree with Josh. But by the same token, swap out Michael Moore’s name for George W. Bush’s and we could be having a similar conversation about the Iraq War.

    I know we’re speaking specifically of the fallibility of Moore’s zeal, but it also kind of speaks to mudpuppy’s point as well. All propaganda for that matter.

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