Glimpses of Hope

Here’s the latest update from our friends at Hope Medical Center in Guinea, West Africa:

Our motto at Hope is “We treat and Jesus Heals”. Last week God was given the glory in a case where we didn’t treat medically, but we prayed.

Therese, the child of one of our nurses was critically ill. Because her husband is a doctor who works for the government and is well known throughout the region, it was not politically expedient for them to bring their child to Hope. However, as Therese’s illness continued on for several weeks, and her temperatures hit 105+ at times, Jeannette and her husband were very concerned.

At Hope, we prayed for Therese often. Many of our staff visited her in the hospital and prayed with the family there. When Jeanette returned to work this week, she testified how God had been drawing her closer to Him through this difficult time. Her husband came to morning devotions (at 7:30 AM!) with her and thanked the staff for their prayers and support. Then he said, “This is my testimony. We know that it was not the antibiotics that healed Therese, but it was God who healed her!”


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