Jim’s proposal … on the Palisades?

So did anyone else (maybe some Nyack Alumni?) recognize the spot where Jim proposed to Pam on Thursday’s episode of The Office? Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that’s the last rest stop on the Palisades Parkway before the George Washington Bridge.

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12 thoughts on “Jim’s proposal … on the Palisades?

  1. Dude…I was thinking something very similar…

    There are several rest stops in the NYC area that all look very similar. Some on the Palisades…some on the Hutch, some on the Merritt.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of them. What did she say? “This is not half way?”

    I did a google map search for the best route from Scranton to NYC and the best was is I-80 to I-280 depending on where Pam might be living NYC. Most of the rest stops I just named are North and East of the city. Jim wouldn’t have been coming that way. Unless there are similar rest stops in Jersey along that route…Garden State Parkway…maybe?

    Then again…I don’t why I analyzing a show that sometimes has the worst continuity flaws…can we say…palm trees in Scranton?

  2. She said this isn’t half way and starts to explain why. Jim said I just can’t (of couldn’t) wait and then gets down on one knee. Pam said Oh my God a few times. Jim proposes and she says yes. That’s pretty much what I caught.

  3. Ok, ok, ok… we all have to suspend reality here a bit. There is a BIG difference between the actual halfway point between Manhattan and Scranton, and a convenient spot where a NY based show (NBC Studios) might have decided to film a roadside-rest stop scene.

    I mean. Jim E. was once seen in the background of a show (one of my faves all time … Ed!) set in Stuckeyville (But actually filmed in Nyack and Blauvelt) for jeepers sake. (I’m still tracking down the footage budday!)

  4. I can say with authority that it is not the last stop on the Palisades Parkway. There is a tractor trailer that drives by…and as you all well know, there are no commercial vehicles allowed on the Pal. Pkwy. I know well because I once could not get a towtruck to tow me from said last rest stop on said parkway. Also, no gas attendant’s booth which to me, coming from Jersey, means it’s pump your own which also rules out Jersey.
    Also, the store says Fairview, which I don’t know nor have the time to find out, if that’s a real town/stop on any highway in the tri-state area.

  5. Wow, good catch on the tractor trailer Jim. I haven’t been down there so long I completely forgot they weren’t allowed.

    I just assumed the Fairview sign was a prop. But a quick check shows that there is a Fairview in each of the three states in question. The one in PA is all the way out by Pittsburgh, so I don’t think that would be a candidate. The one in NY is up by Poughkeepsie, so that seems kind of far if they shoot in NY. But the one in NJ is just off the Garden State Parkway, just south of Palisades.

    So I guess we can rule out the Palisades. It just looked so darn familiar!

    @Tim: No I meant Bruce Willis. As in Sixth Sense. While we’re spoiling things.

  6. it was probably filmed in LA…its amazing how hollywood can make you think they are one place when they are…

    btw…did you know star wars wasn’t actually filmed in space….

  7. Yeah, I checked filming locations on IMDB and they do film in Los Angeles and Santa Clara. But they also film alot of exterior stuff in Scranton and Stamford.

    The only Fairview I could find in California was way north. Like a billion miles from LA, which makes it seem pretty random to film it there.

    I’m sticking with somewhere in the NY/NJ area.

  8. It’s around Stamford CT. I remember this area, looks very familiar since i use to drive on the Merit everyday to work in Stamford. Could be near Norwalk area. Re watching this episode now, all i can think of is Connecticut! Go CT! Awesome episode though!

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