NFL Recap: Week 4

Alright, I’ll give in. Time to give the Buffalo Bills their due credit. They’re one of only two teams in the NFL that are 4-0. On three separate occasions they’ve had to come from behind in the fourth quarter – twice on the road. Those are games the Bills would have found a way to lose in past years.

They’re sitting pretty and poised to go 5-0 before their bye week, although their previous opponents are a combined 4-11. They play San Diego after the bye, and then have three straight divisional games. Then I think we’ll really find out if they’re as good as advertised. (Plus I’m still holding on to the hope that the Cardinals knock them down this week!)


8 thoughts on “NFL Recap: Week 4

  1. now don’t you wish you were down with the home team? 🙂 but i understand, i’m the only bears fan in all of new england, i think!

    speaking of, how ’bout da bears? i know a lot of philly fans are regulars here, sorry guys 🙂 but serioulsy, can my bears be any more inconsistent?!?! they beat indy & philly and lose to carolina & tampa?!?! that’s what happens when you have a bunch of bums playing qb. the D can only do so much!

  2. I actually had a crisis moment here a couple years ago. It was right after we moved back to Rochester (the first time) and Josiah was a baby.

    The Dolphins were horrible for the first time in, well, my entire lifetime and I was having trouble coping with it. Moving back home had made me sappy for all things local. For a brief period of about two weeks I seriously considered officially changing my NFL team to the Bills, thinking maybe I really should just support the local team.

    It reached its worst point when I actually had a Bills baby jersey (I think it was a Bledsoe) in my hand at WalMart. As I was about to place it in the cart my wife stopped me abruptly. “I will not let you do that to him!” she said sternly. She said I could have my own little identity crisis if I wanted to, but she was not going to let it carry over to my son.

    I came to my senses, and hate the Bills more than ever these days.

    And that’s why I love her! 😆

  3. my favorite sports illustrated pic EVER was when the north stars moved to dallas and a minnesotan had a sign that said “hey dallas, what’s a zamboni? no, it’s not an italian sandwich!” stupid sunbelt hockey teams.

    the university of minn has a good hockey program. so, that’s something 🙂

  4. No not a fan I just think it would be funny if the Bills did really well in the absence on the Patriots this year. I watched all of 5 minutes of an actual football game this year after Brady went down. So Ive adopted the Bills as my hope of something worth watcing this year : p

    Only sport I watch anymore is Baseball its kinda wierd.

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