Meet Boomer.

We adopted him yesterday. He’s a 2-year-old AKC certified Black Lab. He’s extremely well behaved and very gentle.

He’s leash trained, so Josiah can walk him and he doesn’t pull him around – even when encountering other dogs. He also stays right by your side if he’s outside with you and doesn’t try to leave the yard. He’s a big boy with an even bigger bark that will definitely intimidate intruders, but he’s about as gentle as can be.

We’re sure he’s going to be a great dog and an even better playmate for the boys as they grow up together!


13 thoughts on “Meet Boomer.

  1. I actually hate his name. Boomer Esiason? David Wells? Blech. But at this stage in the game I don’t think we should change it. He’s had it almost three years!

    If I were to change it, he’d either be known at Trey or Marley.

  2. labs are the BEST dogs. my dad always had them growing up and they are gentle giants. we use to torture those dogs, as much as 3 girls know how, and never anything but kisses. have fun with him.

  3. Labs are pretty much the only dog we’d consider. I’m of the mindset that it doesn’t even QUALIFY as a dog unless it’s over 50 LBS. Plus they have a great demeanor and they’re cute as heck.

  4. When I heard his name I thougt of the movie Independence Day. I think that dog was a yellow lab though. He’s pretty! Can’t wait to meet him!

  5. I was so glad I had dogs growing up and we have one now for when we have kids someday cause they are such a good tool to teach things to children with.

  6. For example, yesterday I taught Josiah how to pick up dog turds without getting it all over your hands. He said, “Ew, I don’t want to do that!” Then I informed him that it’s pretty much going to be his job soon.

    I don’t think he likes having a dog anymore. 😆

  7. And today we taught Josiah that visits to the vet are mad expensive!

    Check up. Rabies vaccination. Distemper vaccination. Worm check. Stool check. Double ear infection. Flea treatment. $276.

  8. Poor puppy, double ear infection? And now you get to teach Josiah that Puppies have to take medicine when they’re sick too! Ouch! Lots of money! You sound like you could do an American Express commercial!

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