Phish returns to the stage for three concerts at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia on March 6, 7 and 8, 2009.

Tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, October 18th at 10 AM EST and may be purchased online at or by phone at 757.671.8100, 757.872.8100 or 804.262.8100. Tickets will not be available at the venue box office and there is a two-ticket limit per show.

The band intends to announce additional touring in 2009 early next year.

20 thoughts on “THEY’RE BACK!!

  1. Seriously, I’m having a little trouble breathing here.

    Jim. Roadie?

    I’ve been trying to submit my ticket request but it won’t let me. It doesn’t have a place to enter city and state info, but when you click continue it states that those are required fields. Argh.

    Regardless, I’ll be at Ticketmaster first thing in the morning next Saturday!

  2. i just passed Hampton the other day for the first time and about drove off the road i was so excited…really for no reason.
    i will definitely take a road trip. i will also enter to buy. if for some strange reason we both end up with them we’ll invite more people (john keane?) or sell them and retire on the profits.

  3. I’m not trying for tickets for the other two nights, just the first one. If I can’t be there the precise moment they take the stage again, I will just wait for a more local show. One that isn’t a 10 hour drive from here.

  4. Jim, if you get for other dates, I’ll go. It is a weekend after all. I just cringed at the thought of an extra $300 sitting on my credit card until I could unload the tickets I didn’t want/need.

  5. all throughout every year i chalk up fun purchases to “hey, it’s for my birthday.”
    this qualifies as will the show in Philly when i buy tickets for that.

  6. yeah, i didn’t truly believe i was, but i also wanted to let you know that we were buying every and all tickets possible regardless of date and would make it work.

    hey, how do i italicize my words in a post?

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