Ray (hearts) Meg?

One of the tunes on Ray LaMontagne’s upcoming album Gossip in the Grain is an ode to White Stripes drummer Meg White. I’m not sure what to make of the song. It’s either a fun and silly reprieve from LaMontagne’s typically heavyhearted songwriting, or it’s the cheesiest freaking thing I’ve ever heard.

Rumor has it that White has heard the song and is flattered. She has even accepted his invitation to meet him at one of his upcoming shows. (Did I just turn this place into TMZ?)


2 thoughts on “Ray (hearts) Meg?

  1. I AM IN LOVE WITH MEG WHITE. she is my celeb crush. ohhhhhhhhhhh meg, timmy love you! stay away from my lady, ray! there’s only room for one mainer in meg’s heart 🙂

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