Flag Football Highlights: Week 2

Took a little video this week of Josiah’s flag football league. This is for the grandparents (and my own gloating).


11 thoughts on “Flag Football Highlights: Week 2

  1. yeah, there’s a secret part of me that likes when my boys beat up on other boys. is that wrong?
    nice ball handling and moves…maybe you can do some direct snaps to Ronnie Brown, Jr. next game.

  2. If there’s any one thing that John Eldredge and I (COMPLETELY) agree on, it’s that our boys reserve the right to kick someone else’s butt every now and again. (Now that you know you are powerful, young padawan, you must learn to control it!)

    One thing we’re gonna work on….

    In the part of the video where he scores a touchdown … he should have switched the ball to his right hand – away from the defense and close to the sideline in case it gets stripped.

    We’ll work on that.

    And they did actually line the kids up to run actual plays. Mostly they try pass plays that no one catches before they hand it off to a kid. When Josiah got the ball he, of course, took it to the house. Unfortunately I wasn’t recording at the time.

    Two weeks.. Five touchdowns.

    As we left … “Dad, when I grow up, I want to play FOOTBALL because it’s sooooooo awesome!”

    Indeed son. Indeed.

  3. Awww! Thanks for recording that! He told me he scored a touchdown because he runs “really, really, really fast! I can see that now!

  4. Yeah, it’s a little weird that when he comes off the field he proclaims to everyone within earshot… “I’m faster than fast, quicker than quick. I’m LIGHTNING!!” (Apparently I’m raising a little Ocho Cinco.)

    I didn’t mention my favorite part about the past two weeks… It happened last week.

    First, the coaches got the defense riled up, teaching them to chant “We must protect this house!”

    By the time it got through the kid filter it was translated “C’mon guys. We have to protect our house!!”

    Anyway. Kid with the ball breaks loose. Josiah tracks him down. Tackles him. Strips the ball. And THEN rips his flag. If it were the NFL he’d be hit with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty and fined by the league for showboating!!

    Later, said kid is heard whining to his mom… “I don’t LIKE football anymore. Do I have to come back?”

    That’s my boy.

  5. My wife works in physical therapy and covers High School football games on thursday and friday nights. In 9 games shes covered shes sent 11 kids to the hospital 3 on spine boards 4 with broken bones the rest with concussions and various injuries. We decided our kids wont be playing football : p

  6. How many on the spine boards turned out to be spinal injuries vs. those sent home with a pat on the head and a lollipop?

    I broke a bone playing backyard basketball once. My high school soccer teammate had his leg bone blasted apart in a collision during a game. My wife destroyed her ankle falling out of a tree. Broken bones happen. They’re practically a requirement of being a kid.

    I know football can be dangerous. Heck, most sports in general can be dangerous. I’m also not the type to live in fear of the unknown.

  7. Here’s another way to look at it…

    Of the approximately 720 kids who played in those games (40 players x 2 teams x 9 games), only 11 of them were sent to the hospital.

    Or 1.5%.

  8. 2 of the 3 had some form of temporary paralysis 1 couldnt speak for a week he could move his mouth to form the words but nothing would come out. All 3 were told they can never play contact sports again.

    I do think there is quite a difference between living in the fear of the unknown and living responsibly. While the 11 people going to the hospital my same statistically small that is just people who had to leave via ambulance. It doesnt account for the many other hospital visits taken via the family tank. I know of 2 torn Labrums a ruptured achilies and 3 or 4 mcl acl tears. All these things are certainly possible in other sports but there isnt a day gone by where some kid my wife works with is injured.

  9. Hey, like I said… football can be dangerous. But everything you’ve mentioned so far will heal. Well, except for the kid that had to eat his steak through a straw for a while. That certainly sucks.

    If Josiah is aware of the risks and still wants to play, even after taking a few licks of his own at the lower age levels, I’m not going to deny him the opportunity.

    But I can certainly understand your reasoning for wanting to keep your kids out of football.

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