NFL Recap: Week 5

That about says it all. Oh, and I told you the Bills would lose a game before their bye week!


4 thoughts on “NFL Recap: Week 5

  1. I would like the Eagles to be able to figure out oh to score a touchdown when you have 3 yards or less to go for the past two weeks

  2. maybe my initial redskins suprise pick wasn’t too bad. who knows. that’s the SEC of the nfl.

    but here’s what i don’t get, and was thinking while watching the giants game. why is david carr not being picked up or at least courted by the likes of teams like my bears or the pats after brady went down? carr might not be great, but he’s good enough to start over the likes of matt cassell and kyle orton, and good enough to not have to be on the sidelines watching eli manning all day long. and there’s probably about a dozen others riding the pine who are, too. i don’t get it. hockey time!

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