Mmmmm Beer.

This afternoon I’ll be making my foray into the world of home brewing.

My buddy Jere hooked me up with a home brewing kit as a house warming gift. He’s been doing it for a little while now and has been anxious to turn others on to his new found hobby. He’s coming over this afternoon to show me the ropes.

I’m just excited to finally be embracing my destiny. 😆

I’ll be making a Nut Brown Ale from a kit. Once I’m not so wet behind the ears I may take a stab at brewing some recipes from scratch. But for now the Nut Brown will do. And reading Ithaca’s description of their Nut Brown has my mouth watering already!


12 thoughts on “Mmmmm Beer.

  1. after you imbibe on your homemade special, you should go get some shipyard pumpkinhead. have you the pleasure? being back in maine i was able to enjoy it on tap, and it was worth the 5 hour ride just for that 🙂

  2. So, I’m really optimistic that this beer is going to come out great! It smelled amazing all throughout the brewing process. Lots of brown sugar and thick malty goodness. And this morning it was bubbling – which means the yeast took and it’s working hard at converting all that sugar to alcohol.

    We bottle in two weeks.

  3. Phil, I really think you’d enjoy brewing. There’s alot of chemistry involved. The more into it you want to get, the more technical you can be. Even barometric pressure and the chemical makeup of your water supply can come into play if you want to get psycho about it!

    But so far it’s been fun talking to the Josiah about things like CO2 and enzymes. I’m not sure how much the state would approve of me brewing beer and calling it a homeschooling science lesson however. 😆

  4. Yeah we have done some at work no less too which was odd and fun at the same time but I do really enjoy brewing if only I had more time and money!

  5. It took me just a couple of hours to brew my batch on a Sunday afternoon. My buddy and I had a couple beers, brewed up a batch and kept a loose eye on the football games. And it costs less than buying beer in the store.

    Quit making excuses and get brewing!

  6. so what happens when josiah wants a sip or daddy’s ol’ cough syrup? haha 🙂

    i remember as a kid my ma being mad about me taking a sip of someone’s wine (don’t remember who), and apparently my grammy said “oh calm down linda, i put enough whiskey in his mouth when he was teething to get a moose drunk!”

    wait…that’s probably a precautionary tale :’)

  7. @BC&B: Thanks! I took a hydrometer readiing last night and I think we’re ready to bottle this batch on Sunday as planned. It smells amazing, and the tiny little dab I tasted had some great flavors present (granted, it was uncarbonated and warm), so I’m excited about how this batch is going to turn out.

    Keep posting about that Porter you’re brewing. I’ll be sure to check in on its progress as I’m planning on brewing a Porter in a few weeks for my winter stash.

    @tab Mom says no way, so he won’t bet getting a taste until he’s of age. It’s funny though because he’s really interested in the process and has watched us brew both wine and beer recently.

  8. Updating…

    We bottled two Sundays ago and have been letting it age in the bottles before sampling. It should technically be ready to drink this Sunday, but I couldn’t resist temptation and sampled a bottle last night.

    The initial taste wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped. But it did get better with subsequent sips. The alcohol was a predominant flavor at first, which I was a little disappointed by. But overall the flavor was definitely drinkable.

    For a first batch, right now I’d give it a B-. The beer can change over the next few weeks as it continues to age in the bottle, so it’s final grade could improve. But I’m definitely satisfied with it as a first batch.

    Now on to that Porter!

  9. had a friend who brewed…did an oatmeal type batch not so good….Hef very good and another one but can’t remember…the longer you wait the better it gets (thats what she said)

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