Glimpses of Hope

Here is the latest update from our friends at Hope Medical Center in Guinea, West Africa:

Fanta (5 years old) arrived at Hope clinic in September. She was in a coma and having seizures. Medical staff stabilized her and treated her for two weeks. As time wore on, it appeared she was at least partially paralyzed. She progressed to a sort of “twilight zone.” She could eat when fed, responded to some stimulus, and could follow movement with her eyes. However, at that point she seemed to plateau and she was released to her parents’ care.

Fanta comes from a Muslim family. During her time here, the gospel was shared with her parents, and her father allowed her to be prayed for. However, the family is not really open to knowing God.

During her time at Hope, her father faithfully cared for her and willingly paid for her stay. This is rare in a culture where many children die before the age of five. Children are viewed as somewhat expendable, and girls more so than boys. To care for a disabled child becomes a huge burden in this country where just surviving from day to day can be a challenge.

One week after she was discharged, Fanta returned for a visit. We were thrilled that not only did they come, but Fanta was feeding herself! At her second visit, she actually took some steps! Today is her third visit. Her father reports that she is walking with some difficulty, and also talking.

Many prayed for Fanta during the weeks, and God has truly answered prayer. We give Him all the glory! Please continue to life up Fanta 0 that she will return to 100% physically and mentally. Above all, pray that her family will come to know God so that not only with Fanta be walking and talking, but praising God with us.


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