Obama courts the gamer vote?

Ok, so that whole thing about Obama going after the redneck vote by sponsoring a car in the NASCAR circuit never materialized. But this one is for real.

In certain parts of the XBox 360 racing game Burnout Paradise, Obama billboards can be seen prominently displayed along the game’s highways. EA spokesperson Holly Rockwood confirmed that the Obama campaign paid for the ads in the game. “Like most television, radio and print outlets, we accept advertising from credible political candidates,” she said in a statement.

This says alot for the future of advertising and product placement in video games. But it says even more about the ridiculous level of marketing creativity we’ve seen from the Obama campaign. The guy is practically writing a new media marketing textbook on the fly!

(ht: Mudpuppy)

10 thoughts on “Obama courts the gamer vote?

  1. The notion that there is a “gamer vote” is charming.

    This says good things about Obama, lame things about the video game industry. Games are so unbelievably overpriced to begin with, and in-game ads are just insulting.

  2. The notion that there is a “gamer vote” is charming.

    That to me is the brilliance of it! While some would pass video games off as child’s play, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry with a huge adult male age 20-35 subset.

    The game had already sold a million copies back in April, so that’s easily 2-3 million people who have likely seen the ads while playing the game. They likely got it for much less than a prime time spot on television – which would deliver a similar sized audience. And they found a way to reach an under appreciated niche.

    Not to mention all the buzz it has generated!

  3. i am so sick of commercials at all levels, abby saw a picture of barack somewhere recently and said, ‘look mom, he approves this message’. can you tell we get our tv from philly (battleground state).

    and even locally, i get at least 3 mailers a day about who i should be voting for in local elections. all i can think of is what kind of good they could do if they just spent the money they spend on campaigns on gee, anything else????

  4. do gamers leave their houses, besides to go to the gamer store and taco bell? i don’t think they’ll realize it’s voting time on nov. 4 🙂

    i’m just jealous b/c i can’t afford them their fancy games.

  5. How tiresome is that ad going to be come January though? Or next year?

    On the hick vote, I’ve received 3..count ’em 3…direct mailers (each with completely new design and copy) assuring me that Obama is not against guns. I’m used to getting mailers from Planned Parenthood and the teacher’s union but I find it kind of funny when the Democratic candidate does everything but wear flannel and an ear-flap cap to get my vote.

  6. That was my understanding too. The game has been out for several months. But the billboards remind people that “Early Voting Has Begun.” Seems to me that they were scheduled to begin appearing at a certain date.

    And Tamara. I’d pay money for a photo of Obama in flannel and an ear-flap cap. 😆

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