Today’s Oprah Moment…


7 thoughts on “Today’s Oprah Moment…

  1. AWESOME! this is why i get so inflamed about abortion (well one reason), these are the kinds of people we say their mothers should be able to choose if they live or not.
    and funny that you mentioned oprah cause yesterday i heard her say, (and i quote) ‘how we treat the least among us determines our own humanity’. i think it may be borrowed ;-), but she was talking about animals. however i was dumbfounded cause the first thing that came to my mind was the 1.3 million babies we allowed to be killed last year. i am still waiting for her show on that 😉

  2. @Dee – So you’re saying that the stars in Aledo at night are not big and bright? I’ve been deceived.

    Curse you Charlie Gibson! First it was your condescending interview with Sarah Palin, and now THIS!??!

  3. Well as for the star being big and bright that would depend on how much smog as blown in that day, what the ozone alert status, or if a dust storm is blowing in. Aledo is no longer a small country town.

    Oh, don’t be so hard on Charlie, the national newscasters are always moving things around geographically in Texas.

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