If a Song Could Be President

The debates are over and we’re coming down the home stretch heading to Election Day. Seems like a great time for a little levity to me!

(Lyrics in the comments with YouTube links to all the artists mentioned.)

Over the Rhine – If a Song Could Be President


9 thoughts on “If a Song Could Be President

  1. If A Song Could Be President
    Artist: Over the Rhine
    Album: The Trumpet Child

    If a song could be president
    We’d hum on Election Day
    The gospel choir would start to sway
    And we’d all have a part to play

    The first lady would free her hips
    Pull a microphone to her lips
    Break our hearts with Rhythm and Blues
    Steve Earle would anchor the news

    We’d vote for a melody
    Pass it around on an MP3
    All our best foreign policy
    Would be built on harmony

    If a song could be president
    We’d fly a jukebox to the moon
    All our founding fathers’ 45’s
    Lightnin’ Hopkins and Patsy Cline
    If a song could be president

    If a song could be president
    We could all add another verse
    Life would teach us to rehearse
    Till we found a key change

    Break out of this minor key
    Half-truths and hypocrisy
    We wouldn’t need an underachiever-in-chief
    If a song could be president

    We’d make Neil Young a Senator
    Even though he came from Canada
    Emmylou would be Ambassador
    World leaders would listen to her

    They would show us where our country went wrong
    Strum their guitars on the White House lawn
    John Prine would run the FBI
    All the criminals would laugh and cry
    If a song could be president

  2. At least one person I know has been turned off to OtR because of that song. Too cutesy and forced he said although I wonder if the Bush criticism wasn’t part of his annoyance.

  3. What Bush criticism? I’m pretty sure the term “underacheiver-in-chief” could apply to every single person who has ever held the office. As in, when they’re elected they always seem to have such great potential, yet the truly great ones are very few and far between.

    I’ve never interpreted that as a criticism of Bush specifically. Maybe your friend is a little too sensitive about Bush’s track record?

    And it’s supposed to be cutesy. Like The Poopsmith Song.

  4. though i oppose all things hippie, i really liked this song.

    i’d prefer some solid e chords or a drop D in there, but that’s just me.

  5. No, I think the connection is a logical one. You don’t have to read to many articles about Bush (before first election, before second election, in-between elections) to read comments about his C-average in college and his mediocre mind. I say that as a non-Bush supporter, but also as someone who doesn’t hate Bush. He’s a nice guy who’s out of his depth. I think the connection is very obvious.

    That doesn’t mean I agree with his point-of-view. Life is too short of good music to be that fussy about politics. This is probably one of the more subdued political references anyone will find. 😆

    And as for cutesy…metaphors are good things, but as a writer if you take a metaphor too far you burn it. ‘If a Song Could Be President’ is a metaphor. ‘the Poopsmith Song’ is a children’s song about what you should do with your poop. It’s not a metaphor. It’s also a children’s song.

    I’m pretty sure there’s an inverse relationship between cutesy and the number of times an adult can listen to a song. 😆

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