Speaking of voting…

If you live in AL, CA, CT, IA, IL, KS, ME, MN, NE, NH, NC, SD, UT, VT, WA, WI, WY you still have time to register to vote! But you need to hurry!

Click here to register online.


38 thoughts on “Speaking of voting…

  1. i decided i am going to register with my sisters address in philly cause it would be so fun to be in a battleground state! 😉

  2. You already piss me off… but I registered in Ohio finally.

    I’m envious of your vote that matters. Obama has a 20 point lead in NY.

    i decided i am going to register with my sisters address in philly cause it would be so fun to be in a battleground state! 😉

    Sweet. Let me get you the number for ACORN! 😆

  3. Yeah, it’s definately heated here… It’s amazing to me how differently two groups can come away from watching the same debate. I’m an independent voter, not loyal to either party, but leaning heavily to Obama in this election. I thought he handled himself very well to McCain’s condescending and sarcastic offensive. Most people here though, seemed to think that McCain finally held his own and “stuck it to” Obama.

    Is he going to “stick it to” other foreign diplomats in that same way? Mocking sarcasm… that will get us a long way in diplomacy with the rest of the world.

    I believe we’re the only ones even remotely leaning to Obama in our entire church, and I’ve tried to keep my views personal as much as possible as it usually ends up in heated arguments that simply aren’t worth it to me. Politics are frustrating….

  4. I’ve backed way the heck off things of late. In large part because I’ve been really uncomfortable with some of the tone that’s been coming from folks on both sides. As it gets closer, it’s only going to get worse. Scratch that, it actually never stops.

    Lots of people are married to their opinions, and committed to their “talking points.” I’ve seen alot of conversations lately where people are really just talking at one another – and it seems really sarcastic and mean spirited. I’ve decided that I just don’t want to be around any of that right now. I’ve made up my mind, so has just about everyone else. There’s not much I can productively contribute to that.

    I’ve got friends I can talk politics with – who come from a different vantage point than I do – and it’s actually an enjoyable experience. We have fun with it. Then there are others who, well, it just seems to go to some kind of weird, personal level that seems rooted in anger that just makes me feel a bit uneasy.

    So I feel ya Matt.

  5. Yeah, same boat here. Ashley and I talk about it quite a bit, but outside of that, I tend to stay quiet because I feel like I’m personally attacked for my differing views many times. They may be well intentioned, but attacking the view vs attacking the person gets blurred really quickly at times.

  6. I enjoy talking politics with John T. in person. He probably disagrees with about 98% of what comes out of my mouth, and he’s like a billion times smarter than me. But at least he’s nice about it. 😆

    (And for the record. I really wasn’t talking about anyone here either. Despite contrary belief, I do interact with people outside of this blog.)

  7. And I hate you.

    Regardless of who I want to vote for (ronpaul) it doesn’t matter. NJ always goes Democrat because of the northern part of the state so who cares, right?

  8. I don’t know … Obama has made some serious inroads in some traditionally Republican states that could move from Red to Blue this election. And that has caused a number of Congressional districts and Senate campaigns to swing in favor of the Democrats.

    Reagan won New York in 1984 – anything can happen!

  9. its true, and if you look back at the primaries mccain lost most of the strong red states, which even back then made me think if they nominate this guy he can’t pull it through? but who knows.

  10. wait, i’ve changed my mind. i’m now going to vote for Chuck Baldwin. he’s on the ticket in NJ so i actually do have a choice. nice. me and 10 other people are gonna rock the NJ ballot this time around.

  11. jim, i’m glad we had our vacation already because i’m not sure we are friends anymore either. jess, however, you are welcome anytime. lukey can’t wait to see you and the kids again.

  12. I’m not sure if we’re not friends because I never call, because I’m not attending your poker tourney, or because I’m voting for an actual Christian for President as opposed to the other TWO…both of whom I’m told are the “Christian vote”.
    I saw a sign today that said: “Christians for McCain” and I thought, “ummm, not all of them.”

    but seriously, even if I thought that it had to be McCain or the Fourth Reich would rise up, it still wouldn’t matter…NJ goes Democrat.

    I’ll leave you with this, for it’s how I truly feel about this election and all of them for that matter:
    “Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

  13. kerry only beat bush by 7% (about 250,000 votes) in ’04. now, granted, kerry was a complete zombie, but it’s still under 10%. maine was 9%, and i guarantee it will be less this time around as sadly my home state is full of people who always vote democrat but simply will not vote for obama due to race, fear & xenophobia (not voting for him b/c he’s a corporate stooge is a different story!) votenader.org 🙂

  14. I’m not sure if we’re not friends because I never call, because I’m not attending your poker tourney, or because I’m voting for an actual Christian for President as opposed to the other TWO.

    I cringe at the thought that anyone would ever call upon me to rightly discern whether anyone’s claim to faith was genuine. Thank God Jim has (apparently) been anointed to separate the sheep and goats for us this election season! 😆

  15. You know? I wrote out a whole long response and have decided that, instead, I will allow you and all your readers to continue to think that I’m a judgmental prick. Thanks.

  16. Dude. 98% of my “readers” went to college with you. So they’ve already figured that out for themselves. 😆

    I’m just yankin’ your chain Eddie. You’re one of the least judgmental people I know. I just found your comment to tilley entertaining.

  17. in all honesty, i like the idea of having a president like tommy jefferson who made no false pretenses about their faith, or lack thereof. and just like most aspects of his private life, nader has never spoken about his beliefs or disbeliefs, and i respect that. it’s politcs, not the pulpit. church & state are thankfully separate, one only need refer to the dark ages to see why the marriage of the 2 is bad (moreso for the church!). i relate to jimmy’s disgust with the “fight over faith” and the religious left simply being the religious right with cooler tunes. but, i disagree with baldwin on nearly every issue, except his being pro-consitution, anti-patriot act and belief that our foreign policy is just plain awful. still, i’m glad jim and everyone else who agrees with baldwin more than mccain isn’t afraid to vote their conscience. that’s what it’s all supposed to be about!

  18. thanks shane. i feel much better now.

    on a lighter note:

    WV has been under Democrat rule for 76 straight years. (in the legislature)
    If you haven’t noticed, we’re a laughingstock in just about every catagory Gallup can think of.

  19. I think New York’s the same story. Except under Republican rule for past bazillion years (in the legislature) and we’re in the tank, can’t keep jobs, rising costs on infrastructure, etc., etc.

  20. dont believe everything you read boys and girls. new york is a split legislature with the senate being held by the republicans (31-29). the assebly however is dominated by democrates(102-42). on top of that you also have a democratic acting governor. the representative from WV is correct though. they are held by democrats on both sides.

  21. I stand corrected. The state senate has been under Republican control since 1965. Which I hate to admit that I only knew because senate candidate Rick Dollinger mentioned it in his debate against Joe Robach yesterday.

    I did not know that the assembly had been dominated by the Democrats for the past 30 years.

    While we have had two separate Democratic Governors, whose total reign amounts to less than half a term. For the previous 12 years we had a Republican in office.

  22. so in CA we have to vote on Prop 8- which basically states marriage should be between a man and a woman….anyways I received a call from the No side…i let them share their point of view then they asked me how I was voting and I said I would vote Yes…
    He then told me I was unfair Californian….I didn’t realize that if you vote contrary to one side you are being unfair…it thought my vote was my choice
    I also didn’t realize that homosexual marriage was a civil rights matter…if so doesn’t that open the door to alot of other things…like polygamy

  23. Really? Cried?

    I’m voting Obama. And I will be confident in my vote. Proud of it even.

    But the only times I’ve cried in my adult life were at my wedding, and at the birth of my two sons.

    I can’t fathom crying over a candidate.


    Ryan brings up Prop. 8, which I have neither the energy nor the willpower to debate here. Other than to say that, as far as “the law of the land” is concerned, I do tend to see “gay marriage” primarily as a civil rights issue. And as such, I would likely vote “NO” on Prop. 8.

    Now, as far as it being a “sin” issue in areas where the church has jurisdiction … that’s an entirely separate matter IMO.

  24. Right on Shane… My general view is that while I hope that our elected officials govern our country with laws that are fair and just, I do not look to our government as a moral compass. Therefore, while they may govern over laws concerning the like of abortion and gay marriage, I think it’s wrong to look to the government to tell us whether it’s right or wrong (sinful or not sinful). They simply tell us if it’s legal or illegal. Two very different concepts that I believe too often gets blurred by believers.

  25. In florida amendment 2 is the the same sex marriage amendment (vote yes to define as man woman no to not have a definition). I had a very similar experience as Ryan did with a caller against the amendment. I laughed at the accusations of being judgemental as I was being judged by the person on the phone.

    One of the larger problem areas I think we would run into with defining marriage as anything but one man and one woman is that all previous legal precidents and finds in regard to marriage would be invalid. Whenever a judge or legislator had written anything pertaining to the issues of marriage it was always assumed it was one man and woman. Redefining marriage would likely lead to a large number of legal problems and would pretty much wipe out years of precident.

    Civil Union to me is the way to go along with a reworking of tax, insurance and next of kin requirements to allow for homosexual couples to have the same rights in those areas.

    I have a very hard time with the church championing the idea we are the keepers of sacred marriage, when the only “sinful” marriage we denounce is the homsexual marriage when in essence all marriages between nonbelievers are as equally opposed to the biblical definitions of marriage.

  26. i would say i probably agree with almost all that john has to say
    and I don’t understand why it needs to be redefined. I am no expert in this area, but they seem to have everything they are asking for in a civil union…
    but my main point is I want my choice my vote to be just as equal with someone else even if we disagree- Whether or not it is “Christian” view
    I believe marriage is between man and a woman and if I am getting the opportunity to vote on that then who do they think they are telling me i am unfair and not considering everyone equal if I vote differently than what they prefer…i don’t discredit their vote…
    Same goes if i vote Rep, Dem or even throw it away to Nader (just playing tim) i don’t think cali would let him on the ballot..

  27. i think more things like this issue should be on the ballot. more of these issues, even like abortion should be state issues and the will of the people.
    hey ry, how will you vote on prop 2, the animal rights one? just curious.
    not a shock to anyone probably but i would vote yes with ryan and john, i think it is niave to say you can’t legistlate morality, that is what we do, by saying murder is illegal we are saying it is morally wrong, by saying theft is illegal we are saying it is morally wrong. we do have a moral standard and we make it into law, like it or not. even if we say gay marriage is legal we are then saying we believe it to be morally right. that is the argument at it’s core is gay marriage, polygamy and anything that isn’t one man and one woman moral???
    separation of church and state was in that letter (not the constitution mind you) because we wanted to protect the church from the laws of the state impeding on their faith and practice. now somehow it has been turned around to say don’t let the church influence government. the church is people. so in essence what people are saying now is if you have conservative morals you shouldn’t be able to bring them into government, if you have liberal morals it’s ok.

  28. i agree with jess…I am not hundred percent sure about prop 2 probably yes because i think it is just saying that animals should be treated ok before they are killed to eat..and i figure that means better quality meat…kind of like kobe steak right???

  29. for those who care about prop 8 in cali and what to know the whole story i think this video explains it well and doesn’t try to scare the crap out of you like some of the ads i have seen…
    it is a pro prop 8 video…

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