Beyond Belief


17 thoughts on “Beyond Belief

  1. Oh, this takes me back to a time when Petra was the least lame Christian band. I once thought this was “kinda cool.”

    What is the message of the video? If you’re an idiot who drives a sports car into the desert with no money and no plan, Christian rockers will appear and give you comfort?

  2. That’s what I gleaned from it!

    That and mesas make for a flippin’ sweet rehearsal space.

    Sorry for subjecting everyone to that. I awoke this morning to that tune playing in my head and figured I’d share the agony!

  3. Whats wrong with this it rocks my ipod!

    on a side note best title for an album ever was and still is
    “Unfit for Swine” by John Schlit (petras lead singer)

  4. when i was at nyack, i was home for the summer and going to a church and this guy says “so what do you listen to?” and at the time i was cap’n hardcore, so i said “hardcore, it’s…” and he stops me and goes “oh yeah, hardcore! check this out, it’s petra, heavy on lead!” and i said “oh, thanks, yeah”. good times.

  5. So I watched this AGAIN today cause its great and I wanted to share it with my wife! My wife is good at reading lips and she says that the conversation between the officer and the driver at 3:40 went like this: Officer: “were you the Karate Kid?” Driver: “Why yes I was.” Officer: “Sweet I love that movie you can go, but first check out this mullet.”

  6. tim, when you say “hardcore” in reference to your college days (which i am assuming was mid-90’s) you are indeed referring to:
    focal point?

    or were you more of the straight edgy type and listening to:

  7. is it bad that i never outgrew that phase?

    i still love hardcore…hate the scene kids…and pine for the days of the early embodyment line up.

  8. i was mainly into youth crew & old school bands, but loved a lot of spirit filled & sXe (most youth crew is sXe anyways) bands, too. favorite bands ever –
    but my fave album is eeeeeasily strongarm’s “advent of a miracle”. so so amazing. i still love it, too, but feel like i’m “too old” now. like, i never go to shows or have any desire to. the kids are annoying 🙂 now i know what all the old dudes at the tattoo shop were talking about when i was 19!

  9. which one?!?! that’s awesome. meeting dan was a highlight of my scene days (i met rick ta life that night, too! scene points!), he was much shorter then i expected. i do love zao. i thought they better with russ & jesse, though.

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