8 thoughts on “SNL: Sarah Palin Rap

  1. Amusing, but again, she doesn’t speak. It’s like outside of a rally she just doesn’t talk at all. She sat, danced along as the mocked her, and that was it… At least other candidates to to go on SNL mocked themselves and did their own stuff… Huckabee’s appearance is still once of my favorites.

  2. SNL has been both all along.

    I have this theory about SNL. Everyone seems to remember the “good ol’ days” of SNL, and think it sucks now, but those good ol’ days are different for everyone.

    Most people my age seem to think the years with Sandler and Farley was SNL at its best. People slightly older than them couldn’t stand those actors and preferred the likes of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. People older than that point to the days of Bill Murray and Gilda Radner Etc, etc.

    I’ve been watching SNL religiously from probably about 1988 until now, and I really think the show has been pretty consistent throughout.

    SNL has always been funny when it comes to politics. That’s why about 99.9% of the opening sketches are about what ever happened in the world of politics the previous week.

    Then you have four or so sketches in the first half of the show. One of them will be moderately funny, the rest will tank. But I think this has always been true – we just remember the funny ones. Watch some of those old episodes from “the glory years” in syndication. They’re BRUTAL.

    Then Weekend Update. Which, with the exception of the two seasons Collin Quinn anchored it, has been a consistent highlight of the show. (Dennis Miller, Kevin Nealon, Norm MacDonald, Tina Faye & Jimmy Fallon, Faye & Poehler, etc.)

    Then, nobody watches after Weekend Update. Everyone knows it’s a waste of time.

    SNL has always been funny when it comes to politics, Weekend Update and the fake commercials. Everything else is hit or miss, and usually a miss. Obviously there have been times when the cast is stronger, and the hits are slightly more regular. But for the most part, it’s been consistent.

  3. no, jimmy fallon was the funniest weekend update ever, no one else will ever measure up. 😉 i will never forget one line one weekend where he said scientists in south america had figured out how to run a car on hazelnuts. he said, ‘that’s great i have a car that runs on faberge eggs and bald eagle heads’.

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