What Would They Dance To?


11 thoughts on “What Would They Dance To?

  1. Since there’s no stopping this at this point…

    VanHalen – Hot for Teacher

    And since we’re already dancing on the fine line between hilarity and racism…

    Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

  2. I think we already posted the best songs anyway!

    While I don’t condone the use of the “b word” regarding Sarah Palin – nor do I feel she is one – I can’t help but get a little chuckle at the thought of the two of them dancing to…

    Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong – Spin Doctors

  3. Spin Doctors sound a little bit like Everclear (not as good though) which makes me think of their song “Volvo Driving Soccer Mom” – My least favorite song by them. The “soccer mom” part would fit, but it’s a little too much so I’ll spare the link. Yeah, I think the best songs have been posted. That was fun! 🙂

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