Glimpses of Hope

Here is the latest update from our friends at Hope Medical Center in Guinea, West Africa:

Moussim first arrived at Hope Clinic last February, having traveled around the country to five other hospitals or clinics for treatment before someone told him about Hope.

Moussim, an educated man, a government official and a Muslim needed help. Three years earlier an infection had started in his mouth developing into a hole in his palate. His voice changed as the hole enlarged, it was difficult to eat and drink. It impacted every part of his life.

The first time that Tracey Vaughan (Hope Dentist) saw Moussim, it was almost impossible for her to see the problem because there was so much infection present. After a treatment of antibiotics, Moussim returned to the dental clinic so that Tracey could do an exam and begin treatment. At the time, Hope did not have an x-ray unit or lab available to take a biopsy of the area that Tracey suspected to be a form of oral cancer.

Moussim needed work and extractions on 17 teeth! He kept his appointments faithfully and each time listened to the preaching outside the waiting area. Tracey and Martine (dental assistant) prayed for him. On his last visit, Martine asked him, “Would you like to become a Christian?” “Did you understand what you just heard?” After several minutes of deep thought he said that he would like to accept Jesus into his life. The Bible says that there is rejoicing in the heavens at times like this. We can only imagine – there was certainly rejoicing in the dental office that day!

The next Sunday he arrived at our local church and was introduced to all. Just a couple of weeks ago, Moussim called to report that he had been transferred to Conakry. He has found a good church and a doctor there that can treat the cancer.

At Hope Clinic we can’t always treat all the physical things that we see, but what a delight to be a part of a spiritual transformation! Thank you for your prayers and support for us at Hope! We are your hands to a hurting world.


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