Austin City Limits: Jakob Dylan

I completely missed the boat in posting this year’s Austin City Limits lineup at the beginnig of the season. Hopefully you caught R.E.M.’s performance a couple weeks ago!

This week features Jakob Dylan performing material from his solo album Seeing Things. Here’s a preview:


7 thoughts on “Austin City Limits: Jakob Dylan

  1. 😆

    The image shift with the marketing for the solo album was perplexing. All the promo shots looked like they were taken from Father Bob’s Nashville Skyline sessions.

    Tough to tell if he was looking to embrace or cash in on being a Dylan. Probably a little of both.

  2. it’s got to be strange…i mean, if your dad was bret michaels it’d be one thing, but to have the guy who everyone calls the greatest songwriter ever as your father and then be a musician? i wouldn’t do it. and i WISH john lennon’s kids wouldn’t 🙂

  3. I think Mayer’s appearance a few weeks ago was a rerun of his performance from last season – which I have seen. I’m not so much a big John Mayer fan, but do have to tip my hat to his chops on guitar.

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