Breaking News: Obama wins Penhurst!

This is the scene standing in my front lawn looking west down Penhurst Street. The grand total of signs I’ve seen throughout our neighborhood on my short commute to work is about 27 to 0 42-0 in favor of Obama.

As our five-year-old recently observed, “Whoa! Everyone on our street wants Obama to be President!”

Indeed son. Indeed. 😆

17 thoughts on “Breaking News: Obama wins Penhurst!

  1. what’s it like to live in an area where racist rednecks don’t go around stealing all the signs…and throwing rocks at the windows of those who dare be so brazen as to support him?

    i’m speaking of back home. here in RI i ironically have not seen a single lawn sign. now, every single car has a sticker, but no signs. weird. the house across the street has a mccain sign. that’s the only one i’ve seen. now there are signs everyyyyyyyyyywhere, but they’re all for local candidates…and all their last names end in a vowel.

  2. There was a report last week of an African-American man in a Rochester suburb who had his Obama sign set on fire in his lawn. Interestingly enough, that didn’t make The Drudge Report like similar incidents involving McCain supporters (even the fabricated ones!).

  3. There are 12 McCain signs and 2 Obamas on my daily drive to work. But my daily walk route on the other side of Nyack College makes up for it with countless Obama signs.

  4. So I had to update this post because when I came home, the neighbor on the other side of our house had an Obama sign in her lawn. So now there are four in a row – ours is the second.

    And I counted the Obama signs on the way home on my 3.2 mile commute from work. There were 42 Obama signs along my route. I have yet to see a McCain sign within the city limits.

  5. You know … I haven’t seen any that I can recall. But I will be in the far left side of town tomorrow to buy my Wilco tickets. I’ll keep my eyes open and report back. 😉

  6. In Wisconsin if you have two houses in a row with the same presidential sign you either live in Madison or Milwaukee.

    On my own street no two houses have the same sign…and yet we all live in peace and harmony.

    Funny, I thought that was more impressive then a street in NY with all Obama signs.

  7. central maine
    white population: everyone
    black population: 0
    other: my japanese aunt

    so i wasn’t suprised by all the mccain signs back home 🙂

  8. we are about half and half here in medford, and a million other signs for every other person running for everything else. but for some reason the democratic party in town is trying to ban lawn signs saying they diminish the beauty of the town?? oh and we have our ron paul sign!

    and just for the record, i think it has even more to do with urban and suburban than it does black and white. what makes me sad though is when poor people are sold out to the democratic canidate cause they really believe he is going to make them no longer poor.

  9. it’s absolutely about where you’re from instead of what you are. i’ve heard people say that “people with money vote republican, people without it vote democrat”, and that’s the total opposite of my personal experience. back home, just about everyone is poor, and the vast majority are republicans. here in RI and up in boston and down in nyc there’s a lot of big money that loves loves loves them some dems. so, from what i’ve seen, rural people identify w/ the GOP more, urban w/ the DNP more, and suburban can be either. generally speaking.

  10. Can anyone tell me what the heck Tilley is talking about?

    I can find no evidence that such a place as Penhurst, NY even exists. Maybe the 10,000 blacks who live there all farm unicorns?

    And, as anyone who’s EVER come here knows. I live in Rochester, NY.

    White population: 86,392
    Black population: 80,548
    Hispanic or Latino: 25,982
    “Other”: 22,372

    Now, to be fair … the population in my zip code (aka “The 19th Ward”) is 76% black. The breakdown on my street (Penhurst St.) is probably about the same.

    But I am a bit proud of the fact that we – as the new white couple in an overwhelmingly black neighborhood – were the first to put out an Obama sign. Then one by one our immediate neighbors followed suit, as is reflected by the photo.

  11. sorry, my title should have read zip code: 14619 instead of penhurst, ny. you can all say what you want about race, but is playing a huge part in this election on both sides. i agree that generally speaking tim may be correct about it being where you are from and not what you are, but don’t fool yourselves. i know first hand, from my extemely liberal grandparents that have voted democrat in every election for 70 years probably aren’t going to vote this year. there is still a generation alive that has dealt with things that we(i) have never known. on the other hand, colin powell served as the national security advisor for reagan, chairman of the joints chief of staff under bush(&clinton for 8 months), and then of course secratary of state for bush’s first term. he also campained for john mccain in 2000 before bush won the nomination. he can say what he wants about going in a different direction as the party, but you can not convince me that having the first black president is not a bigger agenda.
    now, more to the original point. a working class neighborhood with 75% black population. it is not surprising that they would be voting for obama.

  12. I am going to make an Uncle Ted sign and put it in my yard and see if any of my moderate liberal neighbors get it.

    I definitely live in an odd part of town though cause we have very few signs at all I have one for the senatorial race and a few people have Nobama signs here and there but overall there just aren’t many signs out front.

    its prolly cause everyone is being foreclosed on because of George W and isn’t living there anymore.

    Spread the wealth!

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