Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

So here’s a great way to bring a little added meaning to Halloween.

Each year UNICEF raises funds through their “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” campaign. Kids are given little collection boxes that they can take door-to-door with them to collect change for kids in need. After it’s all said and done, you can dump the change in your local COINSTAR machine and the money will automatically be sent to UNICEF.

Don’t worry about getting the boxes in time for Friday’s festivities.  You can download and print out this canister wrapper and make your own.

We talked it over with our five-year-old last night and he was really eager to help other kids by doing this! What a great way to reinforce the value of giving to others in your youngster!


9 thoughts on “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

  1. Update:

    Josiah and his friend started out strong, remembering to ask every house they hit up. But eventually they started forgetting (or maybe losing interest). Also, as the evening got busier it was really slowing down the other kids because people rarely had change on them and had to run inside to get some.

    They collected $5.25 – which was pretty decent. Enough to provide clean drinking water for 88 kids!

    Donating it through CoinStar was a snap. All you did was push the UNICEF button in the donate options. It was that easy. And CoinStar doesn’t take a cut when you donate, so that was a plus.

    We’ll likely do it again in the future. But it’s definitely worth passing out fliers to your neighbors ahead of time so they know to have change on them (like UNICEF recommends).

  2. parents with three kids under 4! 😉
    we went to a fair type thing at a church, free food, crafts, bouncy thing, it was fun!

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