15 years already?


8 thoughts on “15 years already?

  1. Bless you aging heart, you’re getting old. And for some reason I can’t make out what that clipping reads since my vision isn’t what it use to be…

  2. Doesn’t seem real does it? I was just thinking about that last night. Maybe we should all try to get to gether for a family picnic somewhere summer of 09. Nothing formal, just whoever we can track down… Though I don’t know if I really have the ambition to organize it.

  3. #9, that’s paul kariya’s number, lucky you. (if you’re wondering why i ❤ kariya, he played for UMaine).

    p.s. i love your zach morris hair. i had the same. niiiiiiice.

  4. Katie – I’d be up for it! I think that came up at the 10 year reunion, the idea of doing something like that at 15.

    Of course, Facebook has virtually single-handedly eliminated the need for class reunions. 😆

    I was noticing something too … for a hick town we were actually a pretty ethnically diverse team. In the front row we have a Korean, Indian an a Mexican. We also had a black kid on the team that year too. Go Reds!

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