Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years

A new documentary that chronicles the period of time in Bob Dylan’s career known as his “Jesus Years” premieres in New York City this weekend.

It features interviews with Jerry Wexler (executive producer for two of Dylan’s “Christian” albums), Joel Selvin (who infamously dubbed the first Christian show as “Dylan’s God Awful Gospel”) as well as former pastors and members of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church, which Dylan attended.

Early reviews make it seem like this film might be worth a gander. If nothing else it should provide some insight into one of the most mysterious “phases” in Dylan’s career.

14 thoughts on “Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years

  1. saved was bad. but slow train coming is honestly one of my 5 favorite dylan albums, and i’m a fan, i’ve seen him twice and have about 20 albums (most burnt, what? he’s rich!). if i weren’t a xian, sure, it probably wouldn’t be. but i say it stands up to the drek he put out for a few years before he found jesus and a few years after he apparently lost him. i think shot of love was good, too. but yeah, saved is real bad. i netflixed this, should be good.

    my top 5 btw
    1. blonde on blonde (duh)
    2. blood on the tracks
    3. freewheelin’
    4. nashville skyline
    5. slow train coming

    and though this doesn’t reflect it, i really do like the first 10 years the most, though. his 60’s work is what he’s most famous for for a reason, imo.

  2. I really like Slow Train Coming. I don’t think Saved is as bad as you do, but it’s not great. I dig “Covenant Woman” though.

    This DVD is on Netflix? Man, I gotta get hip to Netflix.


    If we had gotten in exactly six years ago today it was at $4.47. It peaked at about $45 in ’04 but has struggled to hold onto the low $20s ever since.

    With a company like that, I doubt their long-term value will see much more significant growth. (Has it even kept up with inflation over the past couple of years?) Especially as new technologies emerge. If their infrastructure is still primarily built on snail mail and DVDs they may be toast in the next five years or so. I know they’re pushing out DVR type machines and downloads. But so will EVERYONE else real soon.

    Its value has held steady in recent years, but it certainly hasn’t done you any favors if you were late to the party. It would be on my sell list. I think it’s best days are behind it and any growth in the coming years will be incremental.

    Someone make a note to check back in five years to see if I was even close. 😆

  4. Talk about a rabbit trail! 😆

    Bob Dylan is great. Well, he was … no he is. Someone took a rototiller to his esophagus a few years back. But he’s still Bob Dylan, so go see him if you ever get the chance..

  5. he was better when i saw him when i was 17…though…i was really high and that might have affected my pov. i saw him again @ 22 and he was still great. his band is amazing (or the band he had then), but yeah, the voice is rough. it’s always been rough, though. still, if he comes to town and you have some $ and haven’t seen him, GO! he could just read the paper or sing limericks and it’d be worth it 🙂

  6. It really pains me that among the albums (vinyl) in my dad’s record collection that my mom unknowingly let go were several Dylan albums including the Christian ones. My dad was a DJ and his show was mostly jazz and blues. I knew about his collection but my mom didn’t really. She just knew that she had know way to play them & they were old. She figured I wouldn’t want them.

  7. I rented this doc from NetFlix and it’s pretty lousy, unfortunately. It’s very poorly made and there’s no actual Dylan music (just the director’s cover band). The editing is horrible, and they frequently cut to cheesy graphics of whatever they happen to be talking about. (Example: Wexler says “Forget about it!”, quick cut to lame Sopranos image they probably got on Google images.)

    There’s some interesting info, but this is clearly a vanity project for the director. No access at all to Dylan, no production value, a real disappointment.

  8. BTW…can’t make any promises…but I might be able to get you PHISH tix….I know the lady that was in charge of putting their tour together….just let me know when and where and i will ask…

    1. Jim E. would probably be eternally grateful if you could land him a pair for Camden, NJ. That show is on June 7th.

      I’m good with tickets. I have a pair to their Darien Lake show. Unless, of course, you could get me a pair of free tickets to Darien, then I’d just sell mine and recoup expenses.

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