Up for grabs…

We have a ticket (good for two people) to a private acoustic performance by Over the Rhine that we can’t use. Here are the details about the show as they read on the ticket.

This ticket is good for free admission for you and a friend to a special gathering and acoustic performance featuring Over the Rhine at St. Elizabeth’s in Norwood, Ohio, (Cincinatti), at 3PM on Sunday, December 21st, 2008.

We’ll provide the wine, the OtR blend coffee, the refreshments and the music, you provide the comraderie. Hope to see you!

As much as it pains us to let the ticket go, we want to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. I’m offering it up here before I offer it to OTR fans on their message board.

It’s yours free if you can go to the show. Anyone?


5 thoughts on “Up for grabs…

  1. They’re yours if you’ll actually go. I seem to recall us trying relentlessly to turn you guys on to them to no avail. I actually was just going to offer them to you outright, since you live in Cincy. But didn’t think you’d be interested. 😉

  2. lol… yeah, we’ll go. I’ve listened to them off and on, but never gotten a chance to hear a lot of them. I seem to remember that last time you wanted to get us to go we had something else going on, but that’s fuzzy memory. Anyway, we’re up for it. Nothing happening that afternoon and it’d be a nice getaway.

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