Whenever I pee, I think of Jim …

Let’s see if he can figure out why. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Whenever I pee, I think of Jim …

  1. cheryl, you crack me up! 😉 spoken like a mom!
    so true story about jim: (hopefully i won’t embarass him!)
    in kindergarten he peed on the radiator in the in class bathroom, cause he wondered what would happen! 😉

  2. We’re like kin!

    When I was five my friend and I were playing with one of those big loops you blow bubbles through. I wanted to see if peeing through it would make a bubble, so I peed … through it … all over my friend.

  3. jim likes kleenex?

    i really need to upload some nyack vids, with jim & ben ready to kill each other 🙂 good times.

    my best friend growing up lived on a dairy farm, and i was going to pee on the electric fence but his father yelled “it’ll electricute ya, frenchman!” so i didn’t. i still wonder…

  4. So I’m doubting Jim is going to get this … but he gave me that red pocket-sized New American Standard version of the New Testament that is by the toilet like eight years ago.

    So every time I pee I feel a sense of “read the Bible … for Jim’s sake!” Which I know would make him proud.

    If I recall correctly, he bought it at a Goodwill. Which is ironic now that I work for Goodwill.

    And now that I think about it … I think of Jim whenever I cook on the grill (yup, she’s still got some fight in her!). So I think Jim before I eat, and when I use the john. He’s preeminent to all my daily functions! 😆

  5. one time on a hayride at night i had to take a leak so i jumped off and ran behind this building and proceeded to go…it was dark, somewhat noisy with a campfire, tractors, etc….
    got back on the hayride only to realize i’d been peeing all over my flannel shirt that had been hanging down. it was awesome.

  6. hey jim, do you remember going to the bowling alley with kinger? similar to your hayride story, however you would need to substitute dark, noisy, campfire, tractors with a LOT of beer. all i remember is that he went to use the bathroom and came back a couple minutes later just to find out that he used his pants as the urinal.

  7. Aw come on. What guy hasn’t felt the sting of embarrassment (especially when wearing layers) to find that after they’re done taking a whizz, that they’ve drenched the bottom of their untucked shirt?

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