The Golden Calf Revisited?

The above creepy scene was brought to you by Cindy Jacobs – a favorite among the CBN/700 Club sect of American Christendom.

Apparently Cindy received a “word from the Lord” which told her that “October 29 was Black Tuesday, the day the stock market crashed, and Satan wants to do it again.” So she and her pals headed to Wall Street to lay hands on the golden bull and ask God to “begin a shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the ‘Lion’s Market,’ or God’s control over the economic systems.”

Is anyone besides me just a little creeped out by this? If you take a step back, even just a tiny bit, doesn’t this remind you just a little bit of another scene from the Bible? Especially when you add the singing and dancing portion?!?

I don’t seem to recall God being too pleased that time. I wonder how he felt about this?

(ht: Mudpuppy)


15 thoughts on “The Golden Calf Revisited?

  1. Rather than praying that God will fix the Dow Jones, let me offer up an alternative prayer.

    Lord, forgive us for being terrible stewards of the resources you have entrusted to us. For borrowing what we cannot repay. For trading comfort for righteousness and justice.

    For being preoccupied by our own prosperity while the “least of these” suffer beside us.

    Help us fix our family budgets. Help us make wise decisions with your resources. Help us to develop a passion to see our faith lived out like these guys.

    Teach us to love, and to give. As you have loved and given.

    Please help us to place money in the proper perspective. And if we can’t – break us. And then by your grace alone will we be restored.


  2. unfortunately for us we lack pat robertson’s ability to communicate audibly with the almighty. so i guess we’ll never know.

    the one thing i ask health & wealth types is, do you realize that the majority of the world’s christians live in poverty? the 3rd world is where the faith is actually practiced and growing, by and large. does God not love these people? are they doing something wrong? i mean, shouldn’t they be rich? and not have malaria? i really don’t want to return judgement with judgement, but honestly, is there a stupider more non-scriptural form of christianity then health & wealth?!?! it’s insulting.

  3. Amen. It is dangerous to equate faithfulness and worldly reward. It may be that God will reward some of us with physical reward….but as a country we have squandered what we have. We are in the situation we are in not because we havent laid our hands on in an inanimate golden bull……but because our greed allowed us to create money and instead of living within our means, to get more and more and give less and less. Let us not be considered with getting more….instead, let us remember God’s words from Isaiah 1 to a nation who does not remember the poor, the broken, the fatherless, the widow.

  4. .instead, let us remember God’s words from Isaiah 1 to a nation who does not remember the poor, the broken, the fatherless, the widow.

    Right on. Vote Obama!

    Whoops. Wait … Please Jim, don’t hit me!! 😆

  5. i think wealth is certainly one of the most destructive things that can happen to faith. at least it appears that way, and, based on jesus’ words, would be the case.

    i still would like a bunch of money to fall on me, though. i’m just saying.

  6. obamamccainnaderronpauldemocratsrepublicans

    i have this image in my mind of christians running at me holding signs with the faces of obama and mccain telling me to vote for them because they’re the christian choice. there’s sarcasm, mockery, debates, arguing, point by point reasoning, websites, yard signs, news stations, blogs, and all the while i see the sad face of Jesus getting pushed farther and farther into the back of the crowd.

  7. as the resident charismatic, with a health and wealth background, let me just say that the “health and wealth” crowd didn’t used to be this way. i promise. once upon a time the message was simply: God want’s to bless you, not kill you.

    for more info, check out Kenneth E Hagin’s book, “the Midas touch” which was written shortly before his death as a rebuke to modern day prosperity preachers. and since K. Haggin is widely considered the modern father of the movement, his rebuke is all the more poingent.

    i think shane’s prayer is a good model…maybe we all need to pray it and be thankful that we live in top 5% of the worlds wealth already. i mean, it is november.

    in addition, i don’t think wealth is a bad thing at all. it’s only bad if it owns the heart that holds it (or lacks it). otherwise, it’s a powerful tool to help the poor and “fund” the gospel.

  8. There was one thing I thought was kind of funny from Ms. Jacob’s comments in the article.

    In one breath she said that God told her that Satan was trying to cause another “Black Tuesday.” Then in the next breath she said the economy was crumbling because we were facing judgment because of the gays and our policy in Israel.

    Who knew Satan was actually in favor or Proposition 8? 😆

    I mean, seriously. Which is it? Is it too much to ask that you at least keep your lunacy consistent?

  9. Guys, you missed the entire point. That giant bull is a “bad thing.” It is a symbol of the current economic structure that she believes God wants to change. It has nothing to do with “everyone getting rich.” They weren’t praying to the bull. It was just a point of contact representing a thing that God wants to change. I mean, don’t you think God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, including the financial structure of our nation. Please, before you make yourself look foolish, get the facts.

  10. Fact: Cindy Jacobs is a kook. The whole CBN/700 Club brand for that matter.

    Fact: People who pray and dance around inanimate objects make themselves look plenty foolish enough.

    Fact: Everyone here is A-OK with God being involved with every aspect of our lives. Especially our finances, as was echoed by the above prayer, and the above prayer’s endorsement by our resident charismatic.

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