I’m voting.


42 thoughts on “I’m voting.

  1. Ashley and I were ballots #49 and #50 in our precinct today – GObama. Then we came back home and went back to bed to try and fight off the viral flu that’s attacked our home. It’s nasty.

  2. Speaking of amazing Star Wars stuff… Have you seen this yet? AMAZING. I’m not even a huge fan, but when I saw it I thought of you and John T. immediately.

  3. nader’s @ 3%. but i suppose 0% is the same. i’ve realized that being opposed to the patriot act, the war in iraq & corporate crime and supporting universal health care & clean energy aren’t good enough reasons to not vote for obama. clearly, since 99% of the people i know who agree with me on those things are still voting, and very happily so, for a guy in barack who has disagrees with them on all 5.

    and i don’t understand why ron paul supporters would write him in. he endorsed nader & the three major 3rd party candidates. they’re actually running, if you support paul vote for one of them.

    i’m pretty sure i’m moving to canada.

  4. @Matty J: Pretty cool. Although, I think John and I have both lost our children to Transformers of late.

    @Tim: The 0% wasn’t meant as a slight. He didn’t receive any votes in the article I was referencing.

    Personally, I’m keeping today debate free. Today’s a day to celebrate our freedom and cast our vote. No talking points from me today.

  5. Nah no cookies but they do a good job and its kinda funny how stern they like to be with younger guys like me about how to fill out the ballot etc.

    I always watch ABC

  6. I’m in the wrong state… This blog points out some of the “freebies” you can get with the perks of an “I Voted” sticker. Free doughnuts, free coffee, free Chic-Fil-A, free ice cream…. free body piercing?

  7. @CNN:

    On my news channel we’re going to have a real life donkey and elephant fight it out to death, cage match style, to predict the president. about half way through we’re going to throw in a tortoise to mix things up a little.

  8. Ok… let me preface this with the understanding that this is humor and not meant to start a fight… I just saw a link to this site from a local Cincinnati newspaper. There are others here.

  9. @ Jim: I guess… They all are. They’re in business for ad revenue. Which is entirely contingent upon ratings. I wouldn’t say the whole 3-D thing makes them “ratings whores.” Giving Lou Dobbs a show, maybe. I just thought it was neat that the technology even existed.

    I was just confused about the tortoise is all. What exactly is his attack?

  10. today is not a day to celebrate our freedom, imo. what freedom exactly are we celebrating? our freedom to choose between tweedle dee and tweedle dum, two corporate controlled stooges, every 4 years? our freedom to have our freedoms taken away via the patriot act that mcbama supports? then again, of course, there is the freedom to choose other candidates, as i do, and then just get made fun of and told that you’re an idiot and that you’re wasting your vote and on & on. no, i don’t feel much like celebrating. today is a day of mourning.

  11. at least we have a choice, as abysmal as we may feel the choices are it is a choice we are given and the results of that choice are for the most part respected. which is huge in comparison to how other governments are run.

  12. I voted on Sunday McCain for me in a state (FL) where votes are supposed to matter well see though : / I flirted with a 3rd party vote but felt I needed to take a bit of responsibility for the next for years rather than my prefered position of sitting back and telling you all I told you so!

  13. If Obama weren’t running, I might have considered a vote for Nader. But I’ve been publicly pulling for B.O. since 2006 and my support of him wasn’t going to be tempered because some other guy has made a political career out of throwing a chicken fit to the tune of 3%.

    Unfortunately for Nader, the overwhelming message I’ve gotten from him and his supporters is “if you keep ignoring us, we’ll just whine louder!” I know that may seem harsh, but that’s how it has hit my ears these past few months.

    Just ask my five year old how far that approach gets him with me.

    I’ve outlined how third party candidates can start making serious inroads (hint: Stop gunning for the Presidency and start chipping away at Congress). But until they figure it out for themselves they’re going to keep getting overlooked.

  14. Bloomberg Shane Bloomberg

    He comes out says he is spending 1 billion dollars to be a real 3rd party guy who does share ideals with both sides but follows none. He has the money and pull to actually try it Nader etc do not.

    These other guys do need to start hitting up lower races but most of the so called independants (liberman types) are just people who lost a primary not people who are actually independants.

  15. i might get shot if i was back home in central maine with an obama shirt (which obv wouldn’t happen, but nevertheless)

    i don’t mean to get all wet blankety on your celebration. my own personal experience w/ obama was one of disappointment. i liked him, until i found out stuff about him. back in ’04 during the DNC i was very impressed (then again, it was for the zombie kerry, so he could’ve played with a ball in a cup and it’d have been amazing). it’s unfortunate that that is your impression of nader’s message. it’s one of progress, he represents the progressive agenda, obama does not. for all the right wing rhetoric, obama is a centrist, and that’ll be proven. if he and mccain agree on the patriot act, corporate crime and saying no to universal health care & clean energy, why would i think any different? b/c of scare tactics and campaign slurs? no, they serve the same master. nader is trying to open up some real alternatives in this nation, to return the power back to the people and to fight corporate crime. and though he is far left in many regards, libertarians agree with this. so, it’s not right -v- left, it’s the will of the people -v- corporate interest. if not for nader being a scapegoat for gore’s loss (which was b/c over 200,000 registered FL dems voted for W, not b/c of nader), he’d not be mocked and ridiculed nearly as much. this will be his last go round, and hopefully his successor will continue the fight.

    and i agree 100% about 3rd parties. i wish they’d listen. they’ve failed the american people in this election.

  16. a third party candidate has to be loaded to get any real attention (see, ross perot).

    i think that’s sad.

    i voted for mccain at 6:30am….i had the honor of sitting beside an 85 year old world war II vet while we waited in line.
    as we sat together, he shared with me, in tears, his great love for our country and the joy he felt at being able to vote. he landed in france on D-Day and lost 80% of his company in the first 4 hours. he had a cane and a limp, from the same day.
    i told him “thank you” for his service (though that felt to be an innadequate quip)and he cut me off. “Don’t thank me, he said with wet, red eyes. “Thank the guys in my company that never came home so we could be here today.”

    i gotta say, listening to the guy talk, then watching him hobble to the booth when it was his turn gave me goose bumps.

  17. @ Tim: I could defend Obama on universal health care and the Patriot Act, but I said I wasn’t gonna debate today!

    Cheryl said that when she voted during lunch, our polling place had already seen a 50% turnout. That’s insane!

    I saw and heard some pretty unique things while I stood in line for 45 minutes this morning – the only white dude in the entire place.

    One mother took her son, who had just turned 18, behind the curtain with her and taught him how to use the machine, then he did it on his own – her eyes welled up as she looked on.

    Some of the old folks around me were chatting it up about how things were during the civil rights movement, and where they were during the race riots in Rochester back in ’64.

    Somewhere along the way it was really impressed upon me that this election means something altogether different for most of the people in my neighborhood than it does for me.

  18. you know, mark cuban claims to be a libertarian…and he’s a billionaire. but then again, he’s mark cuban. clint eastwood, drew carey, howard stern, and a plethera of other famous people say they’re libertarians. if they gave some $$$ to the party (particularly cuban) there could be a serious 3rd party candidate next time around. the libs really dropped the ball on picking up on the ron paul revolution.

    and i didn’t get to see anything particularly special today. just a lot of old italian ladies. i was amused at the actual ballot, in which all the local elections were either dems running unopposed or dems -v- “independents”. i’m sure the indies are really republicans, but they know that means no votes in this town. oh wait, there was a guy with a “write in ron paul” sign, and i asked him why he’d do that when paul said “don’t write me in” and gave his endorsement to the three major 3rd party candidates & nader. i didn’t get a very coherent answer.

  19. i had fun voting for props that i wasn’t sure that they made sense…
    did vote yes on prop 8- traditional marriage (did alot of research and no civil liberties are being taken away)
    yes on prop 4- saying that girl under 18 had to notify parent about abortion, my logic is if they can’t by sudafed shouldn’t get abortion w/o notification
    my favorite was the two prop on renewable energy yes on one and no on the other for no other reason than thought i would even it out…

    tim: You don’t need to move to Canada after obama is in our country will soon be like Canada without the accent

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