Guitar Praise!


Christian kids with music-Gestapo parents won’t have to be disappointed by yet another Christmas with no Guitar Hero under the tree. Not this year!

Just in time for the holiday, the folks at Digital Praise bring you Guitar Praise – a less attractive, less fun, Christian sub-cultural version of its more popular heathen counterparts Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

Teens can get their praise on to over 50 tracks from some of today’s hottest Christian acts such as Bride, dcTalk, Petra and Whitecross! I’m kidding. Not about those bands being on the soundtrack, but about them being some of today’s hottest artists. (To be fair there are a number of current bands that are featured as well.)

Rejoice Christian kids, rejoice! No longer do you have to be embarassed by getting your friends booed off the stage in Rock Band because of your inability to keep up with System of a Down. You can now secretly master that fretboard controller in the sanitized confines of your own bedroom while rocking out to the tunes of Paul Baloche!

21 thoughts on “Guitar Praise!

  1. “Teens can get their praise on to over 50 tracks from some of today’s hottest Christian acts such as Bride, dcTalk, Petra and Whitecross! I’m kidding. Not about those bands being on the soundtrack, but about them being some of today’s hottest artists.” Brilliant paragraph.

  2. One thing I do wonder though …

    Given that Christian music is a multi-billion dollar a year industry now. Wouldn’t there conceivably be a big enough market to justify having Christian songs available on the games that already exist? Especially since Rock Band already offers hundreds of songs as downloads? Wouldn’t that be a preferable alternative for Christian parents concerned about their ability to control what their kids listen to?

    “Hey Jimmy wanna come to my house and play Guitar Hero?”

    “Cool yeah!” “Wait, are you talking about that lame Christian version your parents make you play?”

    “Yeah. But it’s kinda like the real one! And the music is almost just as good. If you ignore the lyrics, you can’t even tell!”

    “Yeah, but don’t we have to plug it into your parent’s crappy computer? Are they still having problems with Vista?”

    “Yeah. Maybe we can just go to your house and play Rock Band on your Wii instead!”

    “Totally. And I just downloaded the new Sevendust song for it too!”

    “Be there in a minute!!”

    Why do we always have to roll out a crappier version of stuff that already exists? I mean, if you’ve ever played Rock Band or Guitar Hero … check out how incredibly lame the game play is on this thing!

  3. Hilarious comments just left on my Facebook page about this…

    JH: You knew this was bound to happen… soon to come “Praise band!”

    GDL: JH – (Praise Band is) only coming out for Wii. You need the motion controller in order to sway pointlessly for 10 minutes.

  4. I left a joking message about putting “Lucas McGraw on the song list… but I see they have that classic, “Backsliding Blues”, from the first Petra album. That will keep me happy until they get Geoff Moore and the Distance on board.

  5. in lieu of all this, why do we remain christians? i mean, seriously, why haven’t we all just given up b/c “they” just keep making it more and more ridiculous. i suppose being linked to gimmicky christianese opportunists selling awful products to bubble people isn’t as bad as say being a muslim who is a nice person but has to be associated with terrorists, but still…

    however, congrats to them on being able to top guitar hero aerosmith as the the worst version of these types of games 🙂

  6. Guitar Praise isn’t enough to make me mail in my resignation. All of the crappy Christian products in the world couldn’t do that.

    On a related note. I finally got a chance to play Rock Band a couple weeks ago and now I simply must own it.

    When AC/DC’s new album came out they had a huge display of shirts and stuff in the men’s department at Wal-Mart. At the center of it all they had a 56′ high def with Rock Band 2. Guitars and drums. So … freaking … AWESOME!

  7. When we had our Halloween party we have the new guitar hero set up with the singing drums and both guitars. This pretty much was hilarious due to half in the bag people trying to belt out Bon Jovi etc!

  8. you know, if i had been in charge, i would have made it fun:

    Project 86
    Morella’s Forrest
    Further Seems Forever
    August Burns Red
    Miss Angie
    Joy Electric
    Living Sacrifice

  9. yeah i don’t think i can find anywhere in the nt it says christians were or were going to be cool. oh well.
    rock band on the other hand, seriously cool. jim and i played with my sister and brother in law this last weekend. i haven’t made that big of a fool of myself in a long time, it was a blast.

  10. okay, picture this though.
    to acquire rock band, my brother-in-law, who is a Young Life area director, had to call one of his kids to see if he could borrow the system and the game. the kid says we can but he’s not home right now…he’s at a sleepover. but “you can call my mom”…so we did. and we borrowed the system. Jeff the Young Life area director and his loser 30yr old brother-in-law knocking on her door at 9:00 PM to borrow this thing.
    it was hilarious. not to mention we forgot a piece and had to go back a 2nd time.
    we played until 2:30 in the morning. i rocked Creep on drums on expert level.

  11. Playing Rock Band for me was like a dream come true.

    When I was a kid, I really wanted to play drums. But my father wouldn’t let me. At the time we lived in a trailer park (yup!) so there was really no place to put a drum set, and the noise would definitely have pissed off our neighbors anyway.

    So all my life I’ve been the worlds greatest finger drummer instead. No flat surface is off limits, especially in the car (occasionally my wife’s thigh has been known to be used as a tom). Now I’m pretty sure I can’t actually play the drums. Although, the handful of times I’ve ever set behind a set I was able to bang out something respectable, so I’m sure if I ever took the time to learn I could pick it up fairly quickly.

    Needless to say, when I saw the drum kit for Rock Band just sitting there in the middle of Wal-Mart unattended it was like the thing had a tractor beam. There was no way I could resist.

    First time I ever tried it, I scored 89% on System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” on Medium. I’m way better at the drums than I am on guitar – that’s for sure.

  12. Stem’s on point with setlist. I would’ve added some other acts. Love seeing spoken in on this. P.O.D. should also be on there, as well as Demon Hunter. And no Stavesacre makes this a no sell for me. Underoath would make this a sell to a lot of Christian teens.

    All-in-all though, I think this a waste of a good product idea. One: PC only. Should’ve gotten it on 360/PS3/Wii. Two: No parent is even going to realize this exists. Three: It’s “cool” to rock out to Sabbath. It’s not cool to rock out to Petra.

    One of my coworkers and I had this discussion last year about making a guitar hero/rock band for christian music. We decided on a lot the bands that stem mentioned as well as my suggestions. All you would’ve had to do is convince Harmonix that this product is a draw to get them to release a version for christian music or release a ton of download packs. Most buyers would buy it for some of the harder songs. A lot of people I know “don’t listen to Christian music” but WILL listen to the harder stuff.

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