NFL Recap: Week 10


I’ve been lousy at keeping up with the NFL season on the blog. But I do feel the need to revel in the fact that, for the first time in what feels like a bazillion years, the Miami Dolphins have a winning record!

The thing that’s even more crazy is the fact that this team is two plays away from being 7-2! If they had stopped Houston’s last second QB sneak and caught a pass in the endzone against the Jets they would be leading the division right now. But – as the cliche goes – I guess that’s why they play the games.

As a Dolphins fan in Western New York it’s even more satisfying to realize that the Dolphins’ win over the Bills three weeks ago appears to have sent both their seasons on opposite trajectories.

Next up: Oakland Raiders


13 thoughts on “NFL Recap: Week 10


    i have always felt that he got a bad rap….i guess that’s what happens when mulitple surgeries turn your shoulder into hamburger.

    regardless, he’s a very smart QB and i’m glad to see the fins doing well.

  2. I didn’t know what to think of it when the Dolphins acquired Pennington. I was never in love with him when he played for the Jets, and figured he was a stop gap until Henne was ready to take the reigns at best.

    This year he’s been decent enough. There have been moments that make you want to gouge out your eyes – like the pick 6 the gave up yesterday which put Seattle in the game, and the almost fumble with 2:00 left. But he’s provided some veteran leadership and can manage a game pretty well.

    Pdog’s right about their offense being fun to watch. Every time they roll out the “Wildcat” you see something new. There were 3 RBs in the backfield on Ronnie Brown’s TD run yesterday.

  3. andy reid is the worst coach in the NFL. seriously.
    worst clock management, worst challenges, worst play calling…uggh, if not for the Phillies winning the world series I might be feeling more homicidal about philly sports than normal.
    tim? ryan? what is wrong with this man?!
    on 3rd and 3 and the game on the line they should have handed off to westbrook, pitched it back to mcnabb, throw to DeSean Jackson for a long completion or a score even. but know. we run it…twice, with a guy who had done little all night.

  4. on 3rd and 3 and the game on the line they should have handed off to westbrook, pitched it back to mcnabb, throw to DeSean Jackson for a long completion or a score even.

    You mean like this? 😆

    I didn’t watch much of that Giants v. Eagles game last night. I find myself footballed out by the time the Sunday night game rolls around.

  5. um, yeah, that’d be the one. atleast take a shot at it. show some stones and some ingenuity. i don’t know. when donovan is not allowed to be donovan the eagles will lose.

  6. well to challenge that one play that wasn’t even close….
    the two running plays were ridiculous….
    if you wanted a run then do like a bootleg or something with the option of passing or running it…honestly it was like they were giving up….ugggggggggggh
    just curious why do we (cause I am on the team) pass like crazy in the 1st and when the game is on the line and need to hurry it up we (once again on the payroll) slow the game down by running….

  7. The Orange are a trainwreck. They’ll always be my heart’s #1 team, but it sure has been hard to care about them for the past decade or so. I’m convinced they’re going to single-handedly cost the Big East its spot in the BCS. 😆

  8. is it just me or was the nfl much better when we were kids? maybe i’ve said this in here before. you hear it a lot about the nba, but i think it’s true of the nfl, too. maybe it’s the view you have as a kid, where the players are heros instead of just guys who play a game you like to watch. but, in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s it seemed like the great RB’s were great for more then 3 or 4 seasons, there were many more great QB’s and they didn’t get hurt all the time. and speaking of, injuries seemed a lot less prevalent. you agree, butrose?

  9. Well, I can’t say I paid much attention to injuries when I was younger. So I couldn’t really say if I think they’re more or less prevalent now.

    The game has changed alot, and I can see where it might seem that RBs and QBs aren’t as good, for as long as they used to be. But I think we’ll be talking about Manning and Brady just like we do Montana, Marino and Elway.

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