Who wants it?

My brother-in-law found this old record in a thrift store in Ft. Myers. I’ve had it for a couple years now, but I kinda feel it should be in more worthy hands. Maybe there’s some Nyack College or C&MA historian out there that would appreciate having this in their personal collection?

I can’t find a date on it, but it’s old enough to refer to Nyack as “Nyack Missionary College.”

One of the students featured on the album is a guy by the name of Donald Marsh who the notes refer to as “one of the promising young students at the college.” Maybe he has a son or daughter, or even grandchild that might enjoy having this record in the family?

Another person mentioned by name is Dr. Lee Olson who is “Chariman of the Division of Sacred Music.” A relative of Betty Olson?

Anyway … If anyone can help me find this record its proper home I (and likely they) would be very grateful.



11 thoughts on “Who wants it?

  1. This album is actually new enough that the couple sitting together are relatively close and unsupervised.

    I think we should start a Caption This for that couple.

    And what’s up with the ghostly light blob?

    And furthermore…I love how even today, Nyack propaganda has students hanging out enjoying the view up at Shuman…like students ever hang out up there? My goal at Shuman was always to get up there…pay my bill, and get the heck out of there…not hang out.

  2. Don Marsh has gone on to become a successful composer and orchestral arranger. His sister is Linda McKechnie, who is also an arranger and recording artist and performs frequently at Nyack for alumni and Founders Day events. Don arranged a version of “Be Thou My Vision” that is performed often at the college.

    Lee Olson’s namesake, of course, is the Olson Auditorium in Pardington Hall. But his name is spelled differently from Betty Olsen’s.

    If nobody claims the album for their personal collection, I can certainly give it to the Music Department for their archives. Though they likely have a copy already (I’ve seen this one before – and another featuring a young Marion Howe!).

  3. @Cricky: Yet it is old enough that the couple is fully clothed.

    And I’m with you on Shuman. My only real memory of that spot is that it was the place where I told my wife I had just been laid off. Good times!

    And the “ghostly light blob” is from my camera’s flash. The semi-gloss finish on the record made it darn near impossible to take a photo without one. When i turned off the flash it was too blurry.

    @JoshWay: If a more worthy recipient isn’t discovered, I’d be more than happy to pass it along to the music department. I’m wondering if someone doesn’t have a direct link to Don or Linda?

    Oh … and … I had no idea there was an Olson Auditorium. It had always just been known as “Pardington.”

  4. I was tempted to post an audio sample but two things got in the way. One, I don’t own a record player. And two, the RIAA stamp on the back.

    If I’ve learned ANYTHING in the past ten years or so, it’s DON’T MESS WITH THE RIAA!

  5. Shuman was where the library was located for a long time, so it’s likely people just hung around up there quite a bit. They moved it to it’s current location when C&MA headquarters moved to Colorado Springs and ATS moved from the current library location to the former headquarters space. When I was a freshman, Admissions and financial aid were still in the basement of Boon.

  6. ok if Linda McKechnie is who i think she is……..did she come with her husband for spiritual emphasis week one week, and it was like linda in concert all week?

  7. Wait… do you hear it? It’s a stream. Now when I play these notes, it’s a bird! A bird and a stream … can you hear it? Just listen quietly …. quieter ….

    That spiritual emphasis week? 😆

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